When I went to work in the European Parliament in the early eighties, I learnt that the Burns Night Common Policy of 1983 was designed to protect the job descriptions of Celtic MEPs as full time representatives of our own peoples, as full time representatives of our own biological species and as equal partners in the European dream. Because the Brits tried to amend the policy’s fundamental founding principle and Spain’s entry terms on fisheries under qualified majority voting, Celtic MEPs were miraculously transformed into something other than full time representatives of our own peoples, into something other than full time representatives of our ownRead More →

Right now, the UK reminds me so much of that old cliché of “A dead man walking”. The strangest thing about it is that there’s no secret, we have many people recording the final stages, the terminal decline but no-one who can hear the death rattles is paying the slightest bit of attention. I first started to really consider that its end was nigh when I read “How Britain Ends” by Gavin Esler with its descriptions of institutional decay throughout the British “Establishment”. I was encouraged by his conclusion that of course Scotland would become Independent although he believes that the driving force will not be our movement so much as England’s inability toRead More →

The UK msm are determined to pretend the DUP refused to go into the NI government because they were against post Brexit trading arrangements. The truth is they wouldn’t go into government because Sinn Féin won the election.  They refused to accept the result because of what it revealed about the changing nature of Northern Ireland and their place in it. They couldn’t bear the prospect of playing second fiddle to people they consider to be their social and ethnic inferiors. And they can’t accept what SF’s win says about the future of Ireland. Whatever deal they’ve agreed to it’s unquestionable they’ll find a wayRead More →

– information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view: My goodness, have we been subjected to this of late! I remember the Covid period (it hasn’t gone away by the way) where it was highly contagious, and we were guided by governments.  The UK government were all over the place, being led by the Prime Minister of the time, who could take nothing seriously and could not follow advice. Meantime, in Scotland we had a team who took the situation very seriously. Politics were thrown aside in the interest of keeping the people safe. Programmes like OffRead More →

Last year we, rightly, stood by Ukraine and supported them in their attempt to prevent Russia taking their country by means of war. I supported local lads by donating warm clothing, that I had knitted, as well as good quality second hand clothing, for their autumn trip to deliver aid for winter. Come late autumn, early winter, and trouble starts in the middle east. Ever since the jews were given an area of Palestinian land to call Israel, there has been unrest. USA, UK and other European countries saw this as a way to appease the Jewish population for what had been done to them in the first third ofRead More →

I suspect that the next General Election, whether it’s in Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter this year, will turn not on which Party has the most positive platform or indeed charismatic Leader. It’s looking increasingly likely that it will in fact be a vote against a tired, corrupt and immoral Tory Government which has patently run out of steam and in favour of a boring, clueless and utterly uninspiring Labour Party which is devoid of policy, principle or ambition even before polling day never mind after years in Government. Labour do though have one big thing going for them: they’re not the Tory Party. If ever there was an electionRead More →

The recent King’s Speech didn’t include any reference to legislation restricting councils in England from introducing 20mph zones. Sunak had jumped on the Uxbridge by election result believing that it showed that there were voters so exercised by efforts to reduce traffic emissions that it could be turned into a vote winning issue if it was effectively weaponised.  The problem for Sunak is that opinion polling and focus group sampling shows that Tory voters are amongst the most vigorous supporters of restrictions on traffic speeds – especially in the areas they live. Fast cars are fine but not in the leafy suburbs. So the policyRead More →

So when the newspapers cried from their front pages in England that “flagship blue counties” could go bankrupt, the view in Scotland was, so why do it?  When the Tories were lambasting Humza for freezing council tax, it was partly because so many councils were writing off so much council tax debt, it was hard to factor in the waste. The so called trigger in England of this fantastic budget was exactly as many stated, too little too late.  Also not understanding the problem that real people are experiencing, and the core problems being put on immigration.  The real world problems of day to day living doesn’t existRead More →

The Covid enquiry happening in London is certainly proving to me that many of my thoughts at the time were more correct than I could have imagined. I shudder when I see the replays of Boris Johnson in action. His buffooning around was obviously a diversion to take our minds away from what his colleagues were up to, or is that crediting him too much? Did they simply see they could hide things while he was centre stage? I just had to copy this from Diane Abbott MP’s facebook :- ‘Nothing kinder, more reasonable or more decent about Sunak than there is about Johnson. Johnson was just feckless.Read More →

I was struck by a report, I think in The Guardian, that only 2% of school students are taught about the Middle East. Apparently, it’s too contentious and too hard, perhaps because of the pernicious roles played by many British Governments! Speaks volumes about the education system. For many, it’s a war which focuses on perceived victimhood and to a very large extent that depends on the start date you choose. For some the conflict started on October 7 when Hamas launched its assault on Israel and the resultant savagery. But as the UN has pointed out, this did not happen in a vacuum. For at least a decade, in Israel, and indeedRead More →