Once again, the Scottish branches of the unionist parties have absolutely no interest in what happens to the SNP. We are merely pawns in their game of who will control the Westminster Parliament. The SNP are merely punch bags, so they don’t actually knock lumps out of each other. They care not a jot whether we are doing a good or a bad job, just so long as the media is reporting that we are doing a very bad job. I have dipped in and out of different social media posts over the past few days. Some people are making comments that explain their thinking,Read More →

Debate on the radio recently has made me wonder. Do the fiercest defenders of everything to do with the union and the associations with the Great in Britain, come from certain backgrounds? Parts of society who defiantly oppose any form of change or modernisation.  The debate that got me thinking was about the future of the Commonwealth Games. I grew up in a time when the Commonwealth was fairly prominent in our lives. I even did the Commonwealth Knowledge badge when I was in the guides. Listening to the people in athletics being interviewed, there did not seem to be the same enthusiasm at insisting that these games continue.Read More →

Another Scottish Unionist takes up a seat in the house of Lords. This results in a Moray tory MSP slipping in from the Highland region list. This is the person who, when a tory Councillor, described things like free school meals as wee treats. I’ll bet he has never stood behind a young parent in a shop and saw them asking the assistant to take back some basic items. I have seen it in my village shop. Have you ever had the pleasure of visiting your MP at Westminster? The dining room is full of people who get to claim expenses, getting top quality subsidisedRead More →

– information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view: My goodness, have we been subjected to this of late! I remember the Covid period (it hasn’t gone away by the way) where it was highly contagious, and we were guided by governments.  The UK government were all over the place, being led by the Prime Minister of the time, who could take nothing seriously and could not follow advice. Meantime, in Scotland we had a team who took the situation very seriously. Politics were thrown aside in the interest of keeping the people safe. Programmes like OffRead More →

Last year we, rightly, stood by Ukraine and supported them in their attempt to prevent Russia taking their country by means of war. I supported local lads by donating warm clothing, that I had knitted, as well as good quality second hand clothing, for their autumn trip to deliver aid for winter. Come late autumn, early winter, and trouble starts in the middle east. Ever since the jews were given an area of Palestinian land to call Israel, there has been unrest. USA, UK and other European countries saw this as a way to appease the Jewish population for what had been done to them in the first third ofRead More →

I suspect that the next General Election, whether it’s in Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter this year, will turn not on which Party has the most positive platform or indeed charismatic Leader. It’s looking increasingly likely that it will in fact be a vote against a tired, corrupt and immoral Tory Government which has patently run out of steam and in favour of a boring, clueless and utterly uninspiring Labour Party which is devoid of policy, principle or ambition even before polling day never mind after years in Government. Labour do though have one big thing going for them: they’re not the Tory Party. If ever there was an electionRead More →

The Covid enquiry happening in London is certainly proving to me that many of my thoughts at the time were more correct than I could have imagined. I shudder when I see the replays of Boris Johnson in action. His buffooning around was obviously a diversion to take our minds away from what his colleagues were up to, or is that crediting him too much? Did they simply see they could hide things while he was centre stage? I just had to copy this from Diane Abbott MP’s facebook :- ‘Nothing kinder, more reasonable or more decent about Sunak than there is about Johnson. Johnson was just feckless.Read More →

I came across the post from radio Scotland this morning about how would you like a safe consumption room in your neighbourhood. I then read some of the comments. This made me think. When I was young and first involved in politics, you had to go along to meetings to get involved. You were perfectly able to view your opinion, but this would be debated by the room. There may or may not have been a conclusion. If it was an important subject that would be put to National Council or a Conference for debate and voting, the branch or constituency would invite knowledgeable people along toRead More →

There have been many words, tributes and memories dedicated to the legend that was Winnie Ewing lately but I just wanted to add the impact that she made on me as an eight year old.  My dates may well be out but it must have been the early 80s and I was living in Orkney.  It was Brownie night and we were out a walk when a car went by and the whispers began and we all started waving excitedly.  It was probably an adult who had said who it was but what sticks in my mind was how we all knew who it wasRead More →

This week saw the service of thanksgiving in Edinburgh for King Charles and Queen Camilla. The UK has already spent well over £100 million on the State Coronation. Now we are to have more pomp, ceremony, and dressing in ancient style clothing. He is to be offered the jewels of Scotland and a brand-new sword at extortionate cost. The jewels and the sword will be kept under lock and key in the castle where the tourists may have the privilege of ogling them. The Lord Lyon was asked on Tuesday if it was fair that so much pomp and ceremony should be taking place, at such great cost, whenRead More →