Well, like most of you I’ve had better election nights! But I’m old enough to have had many worse election nights too. But the most important thing is to learn from each result, good or bad. I am pretty sure that there has never been a proper debrief after 2014 which is a problem we cannot fix. I know of none being done after 2019 either which perhaps was a contributing factor to July 4. Like Johnson in England, it’s undeniable that we benefited from a huge rejection of Jeremy Corbyn and this perhaps has allowed people to believe that the result was due toRead More →

On Tuesday the new MPs from all parties started descending on Westminster. Scottish Labour had their group photo taken outside number 10 Downing Street. The railings had been bedecked with St George’s flag bunting. Perhaps it was there to support the England football team. This is, however, the Government of the UK. For once it should have been Union flag bunting. Never understand the confusion some folk have about which flag for which event. So, who has started the tally notebook on backtracking and non delivery? Jackie Bailey has started by wanting to privatise as many areas of our NHS as they possibly can. WonderRead More →

I’m writing this before the results are in and am faced with the difficult task of predicting the election and analysing what it means.  One thing is certain it’s not going to be the best election for the SNP but it’s not going to be any kind of catastrophe either. The party is polling in the 30s and is forecast to win a minimum of 15 seats. Many constituencies are on a knife edge and a lot will depend on local campaigns and turnout.  This is peak Labour after all, the highest their support is going to be. Scotland is always caught in the gravitationalRead More →

Yes, it’s that time again when we all join in the mayhem of a General Election.  Well, maybe not all of us.  There are those who choose not to vote, not to watch political programmes and who are as far away from the whole situation by just ignoring it all.  However, having spoken to a few of these non voters or NVs, on being pressed, they seem to have woken up to the fact, their views are not being considered because they cannot see anywhere on the TV or radio, these specific topics being discussed.  How, then you ask, do they know they are notRead More →

This absolutely cracks me up. What an absolute waste of money, time and fake promises. Scottish Liberal Democrats, Scottish Labour and Scottish Conservatives and unionist party do not exist as stand alone parties. They are treated the way Scotland is by the UK Government, as a minor region. Alex Cole Hamilton made huge claims regarding social care and NHS. Areas where they could just pluck a figure out of the air, as the polling shows that their masters have no chance of coming close enough to have any influence on UK policy, and therefore have some influence on funding for Scotland. Douglas Ross has totallyRead More →

As anyone who knows me will testify, I am generally not a fan of glorifying anything to do with “Britishness”. I do however make an exception when it comes to remembering those who gave their lives defending freedom from fascism in the War. They had no choice whether to serve, their personal or political opinions were neither asked for nor heeded. They simply served that the idiots on the rabid right would not conquer, and that freedom of speech, movement and opinions would survive. The Americans often describe their system of government as an experiment in democracy and I think that’s as much as weRead More →

Starmer promises a ‘Great British Energy’ company headquartered in Aberdeen while Sunak wants more of our oil and gas to be extracted.  It’s a step forward for the UK political leaders to acknowledge Scotland’s role as an energy producer after decades of pretending our vast resources were worthless. The hypocrisy goes unremarked upon by the MSM, of course, since they’ve been largely complicit in the half century long deception.  Starmer and Sunak can make any number of pledges to Scottish voters but the only people with the power to make these effective are the English electorate. If they choose Sunak that’s who we’ll get andRead More →

Presented as a shock surprise, it was anything but. The parties had been geared up and campaigning for some time. Thanks to the impartiality of the British mainstream media, rumours are abounding with no fact checking whatsoever. One rumour is that Labour activists in the NE of Scotland have been instructed to move south to the central belt to campaign. Comes as  no surprise to me as Labour have been dwindling here for a long time. What has been annoying this household is the persistent style of campaigning by the Unionist parties. SNP constantly bad while delivering for the Scottish people what Westminster is denyingRead More →

For those of us who marvelled at the Northern lights lately, it took us away from the dullness of the ongoing political and media agenda.  Plus the sheer terror of current economic failure. Colour it is said gives us hope, it takes us out of ourselves and lifts us.  I got that with watching the amazing light show which transcends understanding but fills the heart. What’s more we could all share our experiences on Social Media.  A kind of group therapy, and wonder, and it united people from all around the world just in the beauty and awesome overwhelming power of a living rainbow. Meanwhile, inRead More →

What’s the definition of “democracy”? “a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives:” “control of an organization or group by the majority of its members:” Just 2 of the definitions from a quick Google of the word. For most of us it boils down to the old “Government of the people for the people by the people” But, as the saying goes, not for viewers in Scotland. In Scotland, democracy has been put into cold storage because no matter how many votes, Councillors, MSPs or MPs the SNP and those parties who alsoRead More →