As anyone who knows me will testify, I am generally not a fan of glorifying anything to do with “Britishness”. I do however make an exception when it comes to remembering those who gave their lives defending freedom from fascism in the War. They had no choice whether to serve, their personal or political opinions were neither asked for nor heeded. They simply served that the idiots on the rabid right would not conquer, and that freedom of speech, movement and opinions would survive. The Americans often describe their system of government as an experiment in democracy and I think that’s as much as weRead More →

Starmer promises a ‘Great British Energy’ company headquartered in Aberdeen while Sunak wants more of our oil and gas to be extracted.  It’s a step forward for the UK political leaders to acknowledge Scotland’s role as an energy producer after decades of pretending our vast resources were worthless. The hypocrisy goes unremarked upon by the MSM, of course, since they’ve been largely complicit in the half century long deception.  Starmer and Sunak can make any number of pledges to Scottish voters but the only people with the power to make these effective are the English electorate. If they choose Sunak that’s who we’ll get andRead More →

Presented as a shock surprise, it was anything but. The parties had been geared up and campaigning for some time. Thanks to the impartiality of the British mainstream media, rumours are abounding with no fact checking whatsoever. One rumour is that Labour activists in the NE of Scotland have been instructed to move south to the central belt to campaign. Comes as  no surprise to me as Labour have been dwindling here for a long time. What has been annoying this household is the persistent style of campaigning by the Unionist parties. SNP constantly bad while delivering for the Scottish people what Westminster is denyingRead More →

For those of us who marvelled at the Northern lights lately, it took us away from the dullness of the ongoing political and media agenda.  Plus the sheer terror of current economic failure. Colour it is said gives us hope, it takes us out of ourselves and lifts us.  I got that with watching the amazing light show which transcends understanding but fills the heart. What’s more we could all share our experiences on Social Media.  A kind of group therapy, and wonder, and it united people from all around the world just in the beauty and awesome overwhelming power of a living rainbow. Meanwhile, inRead More →

What’s the definition of “democracy”? “a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives:” “control of an organization or group by the majority of its members:” Just 2 of the definitions from a quick Google of the word. For most of us it boils down to the old “Government of the people for the people by the people” But, as the saying goes, not for viewers in Scotland. In Scotland, democracy has been put into cold storage because no matter how many votes, Councillors, MSPs or MPs the SNP and those parties who alsoRead More →

Speech by John Swinney, seeking election as leader of the SNP I would like to thank you, Lorna, and the Party staff for the professional way this leadership process has been run at such short notice – enabling the Scottish National Party to get back on the front foot so quickly. A year ago, even a week ago, I did not think my future would involve standing here accepting the Leadership of the Scottish National Party. Things have turned out differently and before I say any more about my leadership I want to pay tribute to Humza Yousaf. He has conducted himself throughout the lastRead More →

Once again, the Scottish branches of the unionist parties have absolutely no interest in what happens to the SNP. We are merely pawns in their game of who will control the Westminster Parliament. The SNP are merely punch bags, so they don’t actually knock lumps out of each other. They care not a jot whether we are doing a good or a bad job, just so long as the media is reporting that we are doing a very bad job. I have dipped in and out of different social media posts over the past few days. Some people are making comments that explain their thinking,Read More →

The Andrew de Moray Project was created to celebrate the 700th anniversary of Andrew de Moray’s 1297 North Rising. Each year in May we rally at Ormond Hill, Avoch in the Black Isle where a new Saltire is hoisted on the flagpole on the cairn which we built and was first unveiled in 1997. We are pleased to continue that old community tradition started in the 1930s. In 2024 our march and flag raising at Ormond Hill takes place on Saturday afternoon 18th May. You can celebrate the fame of a Scottish hero whose castle at Ormond Hill was the base for his successful guerrillaRead More →

Tony Blair came into power on a wave of optimism in 1997. The desire for change was overwhelming. Voters were fed up with Major and wanted the end of 18 years of Tory rule. Of course, we in Scotland had never backed the Conservatives but the end finally came when even middle class voters in southern England couldn’t thole them any longer.  Blair arrived at the start of a period of economic expansion. There was growing confidence and a huge consumer boom. Scottish voters gave their enthusiastic support to New Labour returning scores of Labour MPs to Westminster. Contrary to what some would like toRead More →

I know you’re thinking here we go, but actually I’m concerned about campaigning for the next election.  For those who brace the elements, gather intelligence, and attend branch and campaign meetings.  Then proudly put up on social media about where you’ve been and how much fun you had.  Only to be met with a barrage of Unionist hatred.  Well, that’s what we are fighting against, but it would be good not to join in. We are expected to act in a respectful and intelligent manner, however, there are times when the red mist descends and the normally calm and considerate amongst us just can’t takeRead More →