Over the winter we took part in the PeakSave session trials that were running to try to limit energy usage at peak times of the day during a possible energy crisis. By changing your habits during a specified hour, sometimes two, of the day you would receive a credit onto your electricity bill. I was interested to see the results and just how much electricity we could save but when the times were released, I realized I would be out of the house for the majority of them and the effect would be negligible. Determined to try however, before I left the house I madeRead More →

Greedflation; the condition where business increases prices because of a crisis but refuse to reduce them when the crisis passes. It’s what I believe is happening now to most things we buy but especially to foodstuffs. We could all understand when the oil price went through the roof last year as Mad Vlad tried to rebuild the Russian Empire by initially invading Ukraine. It was easy to accept that the rocketing price of fuel meant there would be knock-on impacts on everything, not that we foresaw just how horrific those impacts would be. Everything rocketed, fuel for the car, or lorry, electricity and the costsRead More →

Unionists are gleeful that support for independence and the SNP is down.  In one recent poll Labour was ahead in the vote for the regional list and the SNP lead in the constituencies suggest that many of its seats might be at risk.   The SNP’s dominant position in Scottish politics is looking at real risk for the first time since 2011.  Clearly it’s been a tough time for the SNP and unionist propagandists in the main stream press have milked the situation for all they’re worth. They’ve found magic spell which will get rid of the SNP forever.  But are they celebrating too early? Let’s remember these important facts: No-one hasRead More →

Since his mother died, he has been grinning like a Cheshire cat and rubbing his hands together. He has waited so long to become king that he is like a child let loose in a toy shop with sweetie shelves. He has totally misread the feeling of the nation. His nation has been through some very difficult times in the past few years. Loved ones no longer with us, who should have been. People homeless or using food banks to feed their families. While his people have been struggling, he has been spending the public purse on a ridiculously extravagant coronation. Not being content withRead More →

The late Oliver Brown brought wit, scholarship, passion, ribaldry and the most uncringing spirit to the cause of Nationalism. Readers of the Scots Independent recall his inimitable column “Oliver” which enlivened this newspaper just as its author enlivened so many public meetings. Oliver Brown was a great journalist and the least provincial of men. His Scotland stood an equal among nations, neither vainglorious or servile. He was the first Scottish National Party candidate to save his deposit in a Parliamentary election. For many years, alone, he ran a weekly Saturday night open-air meeting at West Campbell Street, Glasgow. The Scots Independent, sadly aware of whatRead More →

Well, it’s certainly been an interesting few weeks since the Leadership contest got underway, exploded into a fair bit of acrimony, settled down (largely) into a debate, was decided and then the famed iron discipline disintegrated as so many rushed to air their every grievance.  Every cop in Scotland except Taggart and Rebus descended on poor Uddingston and we found out that the auditors had resigned months ago and we had acquired a caravan for the Sandra’s to use at Saltcoats presumably. Just as well they had that exercise to dig up the soup pot. In the middle of this one of the most bizarre episodes when my local MP and LeaderRead More →

I feel the opposition parties in Scotland and the mainstream media have developed an unhealthy obsession with the Scottish National Party. Why unhealthy? Because it has become their sole focus. No longer are they willing to debate on matters that can improve matters for their voters. For too long now they have persisted in SNP bad stories and voted against things that could improve conditions for people, simply because the SNP members of parliament made the proposals. They specialise in seeking out voters who have had bad experiences and blame it on the First Minister. This week I heard that Brian Cox suggested the SNP changeRead More →

It’s been a tough week for many of us who trawl through every inch of media reporting. The amount of personal attacks, racist rants and just sick convoluted nonsense from journalists who are obviously being paid to rubbish the SNP. The problem really is, they want blood, the tearing of flesh and the smell of death.  To kill off Independence, the SNP are the head of the snake in the media’s eyes but what took many Independence supporters by surprise, was the fact that so many fellow travellers decided to jump on the bandwagon. Thus giving the media the floor to self combust. Since HumzaRead More →

This week we have seen a new First Minister elected and his deputy appointed. At the time of writing this, Kate was offered a demotion to rural affairs but declined. Life is not straightforward. No-one saw this contest coming. Kate saw an opportunity to become First Minister due to her diligent job as Finance Minister. It was not to be. As a new mum, should she take on a junior ministerial role or sit on the back benches where she can work her constituency and spend more time with her family? She is young. She can rebuild her career if she wants to. Humza willRead More →

This time next week we will know who the next SNP leader will be. I have to admit I have been ashamed of some behaviours and many social media posts and comments. Some of you, like me, will remember the days before the Internet. Yes, we were small enough to meet in town halls, even village halls. Overall, however, we had something called respect. Not just respect for each other but respect that people are entitled to hold different views.  I stewarded these national debate events and heard all the debates unless I was on a duty outside the hall. Because delegates had to standRead More →