So when the newspapers cried from their front pages in England that “flagship blue counties” could go bankrupt, the view in Scotland was, so why do it?  When the Tories were lambasting Humza for freezing council tax, it was partly because so many councils were writing off so much council tax debt, it was hard to factor in the waste. The so called trigger in England of this fantastic budget was exactly as many stated, too little too late.  Also not understanding the problem that real people are experiencing, and the core problems being put on immigration.  The real world problems of day to day living doesn’t existRead More →

It’s tempting to navel gaze in the light of by election losses, but let’s not talk about the Tories.  The fact is we have wars erupting around the world, and we seem to be sleepwalking into the maelstrom’s tentacles in our own homes. With nightly updates, media led, we are fed exactly what they think we need to know.  What we often forget is the extensive history to these events.  Which includes the partitioning of places like India and Pakistan, Palestine and Israel and our own Ireland.  So many more to mention, but all resulting in harboured resentment for generations and horrific bloodshed.  We should be wary of accepting theRead More →

Well round one and the courts have ruled no Independence attempts at any cost, or similar!  But, as we all know, justice isn’t exactly what the scales portray.  The very heart of democracy lies in good governance.  Good governance relies on fair justice.  Unfortunately, we now have a system, throughout the UK, where only deep pockets buy equality of fairness. Courts supply a voicing of grievances, highlighting the process of legal speak which most find bewildering. More bewildering sometimes are those chosen by their peers to judge the courts, with their wigs and gowns, high office can open many doors.  While the rest of us sit outside looking in. TheRead More →

I joined the SNP in 1969, that would be five minutes after I was born!  Sadly no, but my teacher was John Gair and I had quite a few other close influencers who did inspire me to become an activist.  At an early age I absorbed anything I could about everything I couldn’t access in school books about Scotland.  My Grandfather and Father were members of the local Burns Club, and their enthusiasm was infectious.  I joined the local pipe band and learned to play the pipes.  I wrote poetry and became fascinated by my own history through local historians in the Borders through songRead More →

So Mhairi Black is stepping down from Westminster, well it’s no wonder.  We have read of women calling the Palace a cesspit, brutal, Boys Own caricatures, 19th century, jokes about accents and straight forward perverts on steroids, it doesn’t seem possible with corridors filled with journalists and spies, yet we see no reduction in complaints or improvement of conduct.  Even in front of cameras. So why did Mhairi upset so many on the opposite benches!  Well, trying to reduce her spirit by laughing at her accent. Or pretending they can’t understand her by gesticulating with their hands behind their ears as if they needed helpRead More →

When doctors differ patients die, much can be compared when those fighting for independence do the same.  We now have more keyboard warriors than activists in the field it seems and it’s become a feeding frenzy for the media and our detractors in Westminster.  We may be a broad church, but we only have one aim, so why is all this catastrophe happening, and what will galvanise the troops? The first consideration is if this is truly about Alba trying to destroy the SNP, as we are reading in the media, then it’s time to talk.  There are many in both camps reasonable and passionateRead More →

It’s been a tough week for many of us who trawl through every inch of media reporting. The amount of personal attacks, racist rants and just sick convoluted nonsense from journalists who are obviously being paid to rubbish the SNP. The problem really is, they want blood, the tearing of flesh and the smell of death.  To kill off Independence, the SNP are the head of the snake in the media’s eyes but what took many Independence supporters by surprise, was the fact that so many fellow travellers decided to jump on the bandwagon. Thus giving the media the floor to self combust. Since HumzaRead More →

With the whole of Westminster raising the problems in the NHS there are so many components being argued about.  But the main problem is lack of staff.  We could solve it by attracting back EU trained staff, but would they feel welcomed or just used.  They have already uprooted their families and their lives because of the uncertainties of Brexit, why would they risk coming back when they no longer have the security of the EU behind them. There is also the fact that having used them for cheap labour for years, why should they tolerate the abuse for our benefit.  There are so manyRead More →

So Gordon Brown has risen to the surface yet again.  Bless his wee cotton socks, for “making the UK work for Scotland and the Scottish people.”  He had years to make Labour work for Scotland and all who live and work here, but failed.  So why does Gogs think he has all the answers?  Well it could be he has fallen out of love with Right Wing politics, or possibly a little envious of Nicola Sturgeon’s popularity, or just maybe, he’s seen the light as far as the little idea called Independence just might be not just a ritual chant by the pesky Nats, butRead More →

I’m not sure what planet they are on, but as they sit and congratulate themselves on reinvention yet again thousands sit freezing and hungry. Watching The Omen tonight it mentions “the devils child will rise up in the world of politics.”  The question is, which one? There are many components to the destruction the Tories have inflicted on us all. Power, greed, revolution, diversion and – much worse – sheer blind ignorance. To turn their backs on the deprived in the country, and in the last few weeks the number has multiplied,  without even questioning the incomprehensible mini budget which set the balls rolling towardsRead More →