The Rochdale Cowboy

I can’t really say anything this week which would ignore George Galloway.  Dear old George, he’s made it to the benches far far away in the turrets of craziness.  He doesn’t want independence for Scotland but Independence for Gaza and just about everywhere else in the World.  So what do we do with these Scots who just can’t see the hypocrisy in all of these calls?

With George it’s just politics.  He has hit on a hot topic and milking it.  He is not mad, he has just manipulated a situation ripe for a rebel, he just morphed into the void that needed filling, by creating a two fingered signal to his opponents and attracting votes from people who feel abandoned by politics.

He won’t make Labour’s life easy.  He obviously hates the Tories, the SNP are his excuse to ditch anything Scottish, but If nothing else it will be interesting.  Maybe this event will prompt the Speaker to retire, if nothing else.

So these non supportive free Scotland left wing rebels with right wing tendencies, where do they stand on voting or what tactics do they use free of Party constraints?
How do we lure them into the real world of even discussing an Independent Scotland?

The truth is in the case of George, it’s which tentacle to tickle.  Will it feed his ego, destroy his enemy, sting his opponents, crush his detractors, strangle the media, poke Starmer, wave to the masses or just stifle the Tories.  Eight good reasons to put to him, but remember with an octopus, it’s the mouth which is the danger zone.

Just maybe he will come out fighting and the mantra of world peace will be listened to, but if he hides under his hat and stays away from the political banter and concentrates on the woes of Rochdale, then good on him, the voters of said constituency have made the right choice. But would Paddy Power take your bet?  But you have to admit, in amongst the honest hard working MPs only the Rees Mogs and dear old George will be getting the media attention, don’t expect much else. Let’s hope he does the right thing and realises it’s not the people of Gaza who voted for him, it’s Rochdale.  His fight has to be for them first and his support for Gaza and the Palestinians is for peace and not publicity.  The world of George on Question Time as an MP should bring back old memories, but for the young, you ain’t seen nothing yet!