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Directors: Denholm Christie (Chairman), Margaret Hamilton, Grant Thoms, Lesley Backhouse, Ian Hamilton, Lorraine Reid.

Business Manager: Ian Hamilton. Email ian@scotsindependent.scot

Editor: Grant Thoms. Email editor@scotsindependent.scot

Flag in the Wind Editor: Margaret Hamilton. admin-blog@scotsindependent.scot

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  1. I’d like to purchase a years subscription but I would need to use paypal… can you tell me whether you take paypal.

  2. Please advise delivery charge of printed paper to ML11 9SB

    1. Delivery within the UK is included in the £28 subscription.

  3. I received my newspaper yesterday. It makes interesting reading and is informative. The quality of the print is excellent, thanks for the hard work. I’ve subscribed for the year and am very happy with your service and my second delivery of “Scots Independent”.

    1. Thanks for the positive comment Fiona. I’ll pass it on to the print team

  4. Is your newspaper online also?

    1. Watch this space 🙂 If you subscribe to the website you’ll be notified of when this becomes available

  5. Hi,

    I wish to make an annual subscription to your newspaper. However, I refuse to use PayPal method due to the recent scandal regarding their ‘ownership of personal data’.

    What alternatives do you have for making a payment? I’d be happy to send cheque or pay by normal debit card.

    Please advise.

    Thanks & best wishes,

    Donald McQueen

    1. Have emailed you on the emailed supplied in notification. If you don’t receive it please leave another message

  6. Hello,

    I am currently writing a dissertation on the cultural history of Scottish nationalism and was wondering if you know of any collection of Scots Independent publications from the 1920’s?

    1. Don’t know where you are based Chris but the Mitchell library in Glasgow and the National Library in Edinburgh receive anything we publish and make it available to the public.
      The newspaper didn’t start till 1926. We didn’t start publishing books and pamphlets till the 1960’s

  7. Do you still send out a free copy to schools ?

    1. Yes. All secondary libraries and modern study departments. We welcome feedback on whether students actually get access to them.

  8. Current issue staes 3 candidates as MSP for Argyll and Bute Incorrect. There are 5 Missing from reportage are jJlie Mackenzie, Oban Councillor, and a French citizen who live in the North somewjere – i doi not know the name

    1. Thank you for that correction. Will pass the info on to the editor

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