What a colourful world

For those of us who marvelled at the Northern lights lately, it took us away from the dullness of the ongoing political and media agenda.  Plus the sheer terror of current economic failure. Colour it is said gives us hope, it takes us out of ourselves and lifts us.  I got that with watching the amazing light show which transcends understanding but fills the heart. What’s more we could all share our experiences on Social Media.  A kind of group therapy, and wonder, and it united people from all around the world just in the beauty and awesome overwhelming power of a living rainbow.

Meanwhile, in so many places around the world they were experiencing a different light show borne from war shells and bullets.  Much as I loved the spectacle from the solar storm, I was also thinking of those children crying in fear clutching thier Mothers hoping to survive, and thinking just how lucky we are living in our own wee country.  Free of war, but not of the battle for Freedom.

With the adoption of the new First Minister, the new era for Independence and the colour green diminished, we have to look hard at the new future for those who seek separation but without bloodshed.  But bloodshed comes in a variety of forms.  Some black to the point of sheer hatred to the point of calling all of us supporters of freedom “extremists.”  Let’s not brush that aside, the grey forum of detractors of a free Scotland are raising their heads, claiming poll success, but giving no reason for the rise in their fortunes.  Having lost the Greens, we hope their support for Independence within them has not ebbed away.  The pink lobby are helpful supporters, knowing what prejudice and abuse feels like.  But the real purple patch is ourselves and our support, we may be a successful team, but we have the match strategy, all it takes is the will to win.

There are too many excuses, too many detractors, and too many who scoff at natural phenomena, the fact is, the power is in our own hands, we just spend too much time figuring out the spectacle and less time on the effect on us all.  Our opponents think we spend too much time staring at the stars wishing for the moon, when we should be embracing the the fact it’s never going to happen.  We can’t bottle the aurora, but we can drink in its simple pleasure.  We say Independence is normal, but so is the best show on earth shining down from the stratosphere.   We want normal, but we also want to be the best, and most colourful, show in the universe. After all, who wants to be grey when our vision is full of colour, why be only the moon, when you can shine in the whole galaxy.  Be proud to be Scottish, and be proud to be a welcome addition to our country. Forget the tartan jibes, for why would we wear pin stripe instead of Clan colours, our time has come, maybe someone up there is trying to light up the road for us, in every tartan you could think of.  Don’t miss the show again, there is no time to sleep when the skies are performing for us, we need to just buck up and embrace success and not dwell on bland, empty colourless entity called Westminster and concentrate on our shining diamond called Scotland.