General Election 2024

Presented as a shock surprise, it was anything but. The parties had been geared up and campaigning for some time.

Thanks to the impartiality of the British mainstream media, rumours are abounding with no fact checking whatsoever.

One rumour is that Labour activists in the NE of Scotland have been instructed to move south to the central belt to campaign. Comes as  no surprise to me as Labour have been dwindling here for a long time.

What has been annoying this household is the persistent style of campaigning by the Unionist parties. SNP constantly bad while delivering for the Scottish people what Westminster is denying the English people.

It has been reported today that Yes voters are going to be voting Labour in their droves. I just wish people would do some research on their phones instead of re tweeting soundbites.

It’s a very long time since Scottish Labour had any influence in the British Labour Party. Labour needs to win England. Not Scotland.