Unbalanced budget

So when the newspapers cried from their front pages in England that “flagship blue counties” could go bankrupt, the view in Scotland was, so why do it?  When the Tories were lambasting Humza for freezing council tax, it was partly because so many councils were writing off so much council tax debt, it was hard to factor in the waste.

The so called trigger in England of this fantastic budget was exactly as many stated, too little too late.  Also not understanding the problem that real people are experiencing, and the core problems being put on immigration.  The real world problems of day to day living doesn’t exist amongst people who are so wealthy, they don’t need to worry about fuel and food. Those who have all their financial needs satisfied by inherited wealth and expense accounts need not worry about the so called tax cuts.  But to the bulk of us, they will have little effect other than fuelling the poverty fire.  Taxing the rich lower pro rata than a nurse or a shop worker is injustice at its worst.

The old boy network is still ruling the whole of the UK.  Let’s face it, Scotland is not their favourite place as they consider us an inconvenience. 

However, their ongoing measures to tickle votes in the blue line along the Border may just backfire.

The view to throw £20 million in Tory held Borders may make some happy, but at what price, but nobody gets something for nothing.  Had it been £200 million, I would have been very happy for everyone, but still sceptical.

I suspect we will see even more of our own money being propelled into risky constituencies in Scotland, with the expectation of thanks and votes of gratitude.  But Scotland really was bought and sold for English gold, and those parcel of rogues are still running this Nation.  

The problem we have now is the rogues are alive and well and ruling from London because they have been given the notion through their schools that they are the chosen ones.  But using baited tax cuts to lure the masses only works if the masses are too daft, or disinterested, to notice.  They have not factored in the power of social media.  I scrutinise my pay slip, and any “help” I may get is quickly swallowed up by energy and food increases.  The so called common man knows this.  You don’t have to be an economist to understand the incomings and outgoings in a household.  If it’s not balancing, then it isn’t working.  Hard discussions need to be made.  But nobody knows the help needed better than those who are struggling.  Wonder if anyone in the Westminster front bench really asks their constituents if they are needing help, and how?

Until we get a Parliament that understands short term hits often misses the targets, we are on a mission to total financial meltdown.  Bizarre that millions are turning to TV programmes like Martin Lewis for facts on our finances, but one day, in an Independent Scotland, we won’t accept flying pigs for currency.