Inquiries and Statements

The Covid enquiry happening in London is certainly proving to me that many of my thoughts at the time were more correct than I could have imagined. I shudder when I see the replays of Boris Johnson in action. His buffooning around was obviously a diversion to take our minds away from what his colleagues were up to, or is that crediting him too much? Did they simply see they could hide things while he was centre stage?

I just had to copy this from Diane Abbott MP’s facebook :- ‘Nothing kinder, more reasonable or more decent about Sunak than there is about Johnson. Johnson was just feckless. But Sunak consciously prioritised business over lives.’

Oh, how all these shady deals are still being hushed up. It’s all gone quiet on Michelle Mone and her husband again, hasn’t it?

Also pinched from Diane Abbott last week – ‘Tonight parliament could have voted for a ceasefire. Sadly, it chose not to.

The clear implication is that many are content to let violence continue and let the bodies pile higher.

I voted for a ceasefire. I am pleased to say over 120 MPs voted the same way.

I did not vote for a ‘humanitarian pause’ as it provides no real relief from the violence.

The vote means Britain’s voice will not be added to the growing clamour for a ceasefire.

But we can say that the peace party in this country has found its voice and continues to grow.’

This week we have the Autumn Statement where the Chancellor of the Exchequer will attempt to pull the wool over our eyes again and persuade us that he has made things better for us. It will be very interesting to see where the money does go. I am guessing the same direction as it has while they have been in government. That was certainly a positive during Covid. Those of us who stayed home, watched tv for updates, saw very clearly where the money was going and how those on the front line were allowed to go without essential supplies for far too long.

As has been said in the enquiry, Scotland was able to move more quickly than England to get things in place. Scotland was not perfect by any means, but the right people were put first.