So let’s talk about hate.

I know you’re thinking here we go, but actually I’m concerned about campaigning for the next election.  For those who brace the elements, gather intelligence, and attend branch and campaign meetings.  Then proudly put up on social media about where you’ve been and how much fun you had.  Only to be met with a barrage of Unionist hatred.  Well, that’s what we are fighting against, but it would be good not to join in.

We are expected to act in a respectful and intelligent manner, however, there are times when the red mist descends and the normally calm and considerate amongst us just can’t take it any more.  However, the good thing about chapping doors is essentially getting the view from Scotland, where are we going, and anyone who thinks vox pop doesn’t matter is fooling themselves.  Even those demonstrating toxic attitudes and worse.

Scotland is known to be a friendly country, and we are proud of that, however, the minority amongst us just can’t keep the peace and simply won’t put their arguments in a way which just could be productive.   None of us are perfect, but who wants to live in a country at war with itself?  We see that daily on the news, and only the innocent get hurt in escalated abuse and hate.

Normally we can get through the day without a wrong word, but then we open Facebook or social media and there it all is.  But we must be aware, hate kills, and with personalities and politicians spouting their opinions with little reverence or under standing what the real folk are thinking, or doing, then opinions are twisted and we have little room to manoeuvre.

So the Hate Bill. Totalitarian state?  Let those who have escaped from one explain why they are here, but wishes some would replace them in their country.  Hate just destroys, we look at Gaza, Ukraine, and so many states around the world.  Self imploding with retribution in their hearts, killing and maiming to satisfy their need to control, and subsequently they die and leave new generations to take over their crusades.  So when we say how much we hate something, somewhere in our own country, a death is occurring because of it.  It feeds on insecurity and ignorance, so when out chapping remember, if someone opens a door and smiles, forget about those who think you should be exported to a different planet, after all there are more good people, who love life, and just might love you enough to vote for you, or your party.