Random thoughts on the past week

Debate on the radio recently has made me wonder. Do the fiercest defenders of everything to do with the union and the associations with the Great in Britain, come from certain backgrounds? Parts of society who defiantly oppose any form of change or modernisation. 

The debate that got me thinking was about the future of the Commonwealth Games. I grew up in a time when the Commonwealth was fairly prominent in our lives. I even did the Commonwealth Knowledge badge when I was in the guides. Listening to the people in athletics being interviewed, there did not seem to be the same enthusiasm at insisting that these games continue. It seemed to be more readily accepted that perhaps the cost involved could be better spent elsewhere.

At craft group we often talk politics but tend to stay away from party politics. Last week we had a pleasant discussion on why Scandinavian countries have a better living standard. One or two people had actual experience of the living standards and knew people who hailed from there. On the whole, we agreed it would be nice to be able to have similar living standards and happiness. How do we get them to take this to the polling station when they next vote?

One member asked for an explanation on what had been said in Westminster the previous week. We worked out that she meant Mr Gove’s speech. As I had feared when listening to him, a lot of the public seem to have read it wrong. Firstly, they seem to think it would become law. Secondly, we have a lot of small churches in this part of Scotland. The person asking belongs to one of these. It seems some of them felt that they were going to be denied the right to practise their faith. By trying not to upset one part of the community, it would seem Mr Gove has upset those he never even thought of. I pointed this lady to the link on Westminster webpage so she could read it for herself.

Me thinks the attempts at securing votes at upcoming elections may be backfiring on some people.

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  1. Maybe the overall truth here is that “the electorate” in modern societies is a complex beast and any party that thinks it speaks for it is deluding itself.

    So if the society we live in is made up of a range of minorities of varying sizes – with to be sure, overlaps of interests and values – how to get things done?

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