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The UK msm are determined to pretend the DUP refused to go into the NI government because they were against post Brexit trading arrangements.

The truth is they wouldn’t go into government because Sinn Féin won the election.  They refused to accept the result because of what it revealed about the changing nature of Northern Ireland and their place in it.

They couldn’t bear the prospect of playing second fiddle to people they consider to be their social and ethnic inferiors. And they can’t accept what SF’s win says about the future of Ireland.

Whatever deal they’ve agreed to it’s unquestionable they’ll find a way to renege on it sooner rather than later. But at least the rest of us will get to see them (even temporarily, even for a day) sitting in an Assembly with an Irish republican First Minister. £3 billion is a modest sum to pay for that privilege (or opportunity to gloat, as others might call it).

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  1. The DUP and the tories seemed quite prepared to endanger 25 years of peace in the occupied 6 counties with their attitudes towards the Nationalist community. It might have taken 100 years but a 32 county Republic is close

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