– information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view:

My goodness, have we been subjected to this of late!

I remember the Covid period (it hasn’t gone away by the way) where it was highly contagious, and we were guided by governments. 

The UK government were all over the place, being led by the Prime Minister of the time, who could take nothing seriously and could not follow advice.

Meantime, in Scotland we had a team who took the situation very seriously. Politics were thrown aside in the interest of keeping the people safe. Programmes like Off the Ball had Professor Leitch on as a guest regularly, because he spoke like the people. He kept people updated and aware of what was happening.

Forward to this week. To the Covid enquiry in London. Professor Leitch is being condemned. When did WhatsApp become a legal communication? Some of us never go near it. What it has shown, in my opinion, is that a sense of humour is absolutely not allowed.

Absolutely everything, at the moment, is being used as propaganda given there is a general election looming. Everything, that is, apart from the Tories (wholly supported by Labour) trying to take us into another war.