Are we that gullible?

Last year we, rightly, stood by Ukraine and supported them in their attempt to prevent Russia taking their country by means of war. I supported local lads by donating warm clothing, that I had knitted, as well as good quality second hand clothing, for their autumn trip to deliver aid for winter.

Come late autumn, early winter, and trouble starts in the middle east. Ever since the jews were given an area of Palestinian land to call Israel, there has been unrest. USA, UK and other European countries saw this as a way to appease the Jewish population for what had been done to them in the first third of the twentieth century. It would seem the Palestinians were seen as worth sacrificing for the greater good.

Something the big, bullying nations don’t understand is that taking land from the native populations has deep repercussions. Look to the indigenous populations of North America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the Northern Scandinavian countries and many more it will take too long to list.

Take a people’s land, populate with foreigners who fiercely try to defend their acquired land, and you are just asking for trouble. How much trouble varies from country to country. It has taken many years and still the indigenous populations have not achieved equality with their invaders. 

Personally, I feel Israel’s response to Hamas has been totally OTT. A question I asked last week was ‘if they are sure Hamas has their kidnapped people, why are they bombing Gaza to the ground? Have they agreed to sacrifice their own people for the bigger picture?’

Then, at the end of the winter recess of Westminster, the Prime Minister and his team decide that they are going to join in what is happening in the middle east. The US has been striking back at the Houthis. We have a UK general election this year and the Tories need a war. They don’t have the ships for their planes though. So they offer their planes to the US plane carriers, just so they can claim to be involved.

This week the Tories debate the Rwanda agreement. There is mayhem. People resigning from minor positions so they don’t have to obey the whip. This whole Rwanda and stop the small boats thing is aimed at us, the UK voters.

Listening to discussion on the radio, someone who works with asylum seekers said that people in immigration camps, waiting to come here, know nothing of the policies being rushed through by the UK government. All they care about is getting to safety and away from the dangers they are fleeing. All the posturing by the Prime Minister, and what’s left of his team, is aimed at us.

Think back. A political party coming to the end of their reign in government always seeks out war and threats to the UK population.

Don’t fall into the trap, like so many do. Vote for what improves your life. Vote to be in control of your country. Vote for Independence for Scotland. Do not loan your vote to a unionist party. History shows that Scotland voting Labour or Liberal Democrat has no effect on the result at Westminster. 

England has the majority of seats in the UK, and they are just about to increase that by taking seats from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, to increase their stronghold.