Time to Unite

It’s been a tough week for many of us who trawl through every inch of media reporting. The amount of personal attacks, racist rants and just sick convoluted nonsense from journalists who are obviously being paid to rubbish the SNP.

The problem really is, they want blood, the tearing of flesh and the smell of death.  To kill off Independence, the SNP are the head of the snake in the media’s eyes but what took many Independence supporters by surprise, was the fact that so many fellow travellers decided to jump on the bandwagon. Thus giving the media the floor to self combust.

Since Humza has taken on the mantle of the First Minister the hounds have been baying.  Some of them from our own pack. Frankly, those who cannot join the hunt and follow the Whip need to be left in their kennels and held in disgrace.

We are all supposed to be fellow travellers, irrespective of colour, religion or creed, but we have a few rough animals who need either a good run out or just a run down.  

If we are to succeed to Independence we need to be disciplined, professional and united.  The rag bag of traitors to the cause should just join the Tories and disappear, for they are assisting their mantra, not ours.

If you, the disaffected, don’t want to be a member of the SNP and contribute, that’s fine, plough your own furrow, but as we are exactly what it says on the tin – Pro Independence Party – it gives everyone some clue to what we sign up for.  For those consumed by the failure of 2014, we learned the lesson.  Be better prepared, get the message and facts out and all stand United.

There is only one solution, weight of numbers. If you’re talking about direct action, race hate against Humza, abusing Unionists online (they are entitled to their views) all as examples, then that is not the Free Scotland the majority of us want to live in.

Nobody is asking anyone to shut up, except me, because I care too much for having my lifetime in the Party destroyed by a small number of those who think they are being smart.  The word traitor comes to mind again, but it’s much worse than that, it’s a reflection of how disaffected people become when they listen to opposition tittle tattle and swallow, then regurgitate. Nicola has retired gracefully, now we rally around Humza, if you feel you can’t support the cause, then follow the old fox and wait until he consumes you.  The only people hurting the cause are those who seek every excuse not to have a Referendum, waving the Saltire in one hand, with a Union flag in the other.  It’s make your mind up time, and it should be simple, or maybe you’re not that fellow traveller, just feart we just might succeed. Let’s hope our road to Independence is not yet blocked by our own critics who class us as the new D Day Dodgers without getting the irony.