This week we have seen a new First Minister elected and his deputy appointed. At the time of writing this, Kate was offered a demotion to rural affairs but declined. Life is not straightforward. No-one saw this contest coming. Kate saw an opportunity to become First Minister due to her diligent job as Finance Minister. It was not to be. As a new mum, should she take on a junior ministerial role or sit on the back benches where she can work her constituency and spend more time with her family? She is young. She can rebuild her career if she wants to.

Humza will build his own team. We may know more by the time this blog goes out. What I think some SNP members and Yes supporters miss is this is the Scottish Government team. Not the independence team.

The SNP has been in existence since 1934. It was seen as more of a movement back then but it had a constitution, just not much chance of being elected.

Nowadays the SNP is the party of government. It is difficult having the members of government as the senior elected members of the party. Can the two be different? Should they?

As for the wider Yes campaign groups. Can you all work together? In my view you need to stop blaming the SNP. I see in many areas that Yes groups are successfully out in town and city centres with their stalls and engaging with people. Does it matter what banner is attached to the stall? The purpose is to persuade people to vote Yes at the next opportunity. The reasons to vote Yes do not depend on the SNP. The SNP are trying to govern in a manner to give you examples as to how much better an independent Scotland could be.

Please stop doing the Unionists’ job for them and keep promoting a positive future for Scotland