LaLaLa Land

The two Prime Minister candidates are doing the Scottish tour as I write this on Tuesday 16th August. They have headed further north than they would usually consider doing as their hard traditional vote is there and presumably to keep in with their MPs.

According to political commentators the Tory membership are loving what the candidates are saying, particularly Liz Truss. They see her as someone who can take on our First Minister. There seems to be an underlying thought that it is going to be possible for the Conservative and Unionist party to take over control in Scotland. They are unable to do it through the ballot box so they are lapping up that both candidates are saying they will run the devolved countries of the UK from Westminster. All this being reported as if it will happen. All to make the few thousand membership feel important and leave them in this false land where they still rule the world and everyone will be eternally grateful for what they do for us.

Meanwhile, in the real world, things are not so. The devolved governments were handed out their pocket money, ignored and left to fail (in the eyes of the unionists). In reality the devolved governments quietly got on with running things the way they wanted to. Wales has made some changes to better the lives of their people. Scotland has made many more changes to better the lives of us Scots. In every area of devolved government thing have been improved for many people. The latest of a very long list, the free provision of sanitary products which got cross party support. To some of you this may not seem an important item. Believe you me, when you get to the last few quid in your purse and it’s feed the meter, feed the kids or buy sanitary products I can tell you from experience that it will be the meter or the kids that win out.

There are so many things we receive from the government to help us live better, the list goes round social media every few weeks so no need for me to write it all here. Despite what the two candidates will have you believe about the state of our country, we are better than England in many areas. Try reading some of the European papers. Scotland is reckoned to be the best educated country in Europe.

The only joy I take from this ridiculous amount of publicity and live coverage of the UK party of government’s wee election is that it will backfire. Spectacularly so. They are being allowed to run around making ridiculous promises, slanderous comments and basically telling lies. They are playing to the gallery of their membership and have clearly forgotten it is being shown on the screens in every home in the UK and in many other countries. Nowadays people can recall what was said and cast it back at you with evidence.

We recently had family visit from London. They want us to send them Yes posters which they will put up in their windows. I had a comment on social media from a teacher in England the other day when I shared the pictures of the First Minister relaxed and enjoying a community event in her constituency. ‘I have wanted to vote for her for years’ was what she commented.

Waken up unionists, the people of the UK are not happy in your lalala land.


  1. Excellent article- being exiled down south I agree with the comments about the sheer fantasy spoken from the media about the Scottish tories – told one of my English friends that they are a minority- like the monster raving party members. One of my other friends works in Salford for the B** she can’t understand why Scots don’t believe what is told to them ! Keeping going with this excellent column!

    1. Thankyou John

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