The Map to a Fairer Scotland

Today the Scottish National Party published a report.

 Social Justice and Fairness Commission: A route map to a fair and independent Scotland 

The route map to a fairer Scotland is not a predetermined list of policy decisions for an independent Scotland. It is intended to enable discussion about how we get everybody a fairer place to live with no-one being left behind. It looks at how ways we can change policy making. That our values will be rooted in human rights and equality and that our wellbeing will be foremost on going forward.

If you would like to read, or dip in and out of, the full report you can find it here The route map to a fairer Scotland At the bottom of the page there is also an executive summary if you want the gist of the full report.

This should be an excellent opportunity for people to read and debate amongst each other in online meetings, social media in the lead up to the actual changes we decide we want to make. We are being allowed to see what the committee has come up with and have dialogue with each other.

Compare this to what happened in England today (Tuesday 25/5/21). Areas of England woke to the news that they were having restrictions imposed. They read/heard this from their news source. Westminster COVID-19 team had no discussions with the Councils, the Health Boards, the Mayors, the MPs. They all heard late last night from the media. The impatience, the inability to stay calm and see it through, the sheer simply not understanding anything, the lack of teamwork being shown by the Westminster team is unbelievable. I cannot decide if opening the airports and allowing holidays (at the same time not allowing it) is to appease the public or to turn back to the original herd immunity stand.  

We do not all agree on the way forward, the changes that need to be made or when and who will make them. I for one am grateful that I am being given the opportunity upfront to see what the SNP’s plans for moving to a better society consist of. I am also extremely pleased that I have been trusted with this information and will be allowed to contribute where I feel I need to. We are aiming for a democratic society where decisions will be taken according to what the people want. Each and everyone of us will not get our own way but we will be allowed to participate and contribute our views. That is how democratic decisions come about.