Fit behaviour for Parliament

New Cabinet announced today and new term of government begins.

Sadly, the talent contained in the list MSPs in opposition is lacking, again. I can cope with lack of talent if they could behave civilly. It would appear from the performance so far that they have no intention of being civil.

I found the behaviour of unionist parliamentarians towards the end of the last parliamentary session utterly disgraceful. What a total embarrassment as they were being broadcast live to the nation and the world.

This past week we have had Douglas Ross speaking to a Westminster committee chairman in a manner that you would expect from an undisciplined, unruly teenager. In a newspaper article Jackie Baillie was quoted in a despicable comment on John Swinney’s past performance and prediction of performance in new post.

It would seem that the vitriolic behaviour from Twitter has now become common place in our parliaments. What is worse is that they are not called out about it and disciplined. Unlike the last Presiding Officer I would like to see the new one take people to task over their behaviour, language and tone.

It is high time that the parliamentarians representing us paid heed to their code of conduct. I have just looked it up and Ms Baillie can be hauled up according to this section

Treatment of others

5. Members must treat the following individuals with courtesy and respect:

other MSPs;

parliamentary staff (including contractors providing services to the Parliament);

their own staff and the staff of other MSPs.

6. Members must not behave in a manner towards those individuals in 7.5 or any individuals they are in contact with in their capacity as MSPs that involves bullying, harassment (including sexual harassment), or any other inappropriate behaviour.

You can check out the code of conduct at Holyrood here