Lies, inaccuracies and deceipt

The ability to open mouth and not engage brain when dealing with Scotland and the SNP continues to amaze me. Today, Sky broadcasting’s reaction to the SNP’s complaint about not being included in tv debates was to say Scotland is not Britain (according to circulation on social media).

The Conservatives seem to be doing a grand job at upsetting ordinary people. Everytime their leaders open their mouth they show a profound inability to understand the majority of people who don’t live in their privileged bubble world. I see the latest thing with the Scottish conservatives is to plaster their literature with their name, photos and mentions of things they claim to have done for us. No mention of the party name or the use of their symbol.

Labour. Well they are in a weird fantasy land. The most irritating plier of untruths had to be the new Liberal Democratic leader. What a huge conceit (polite version) to jump onto a stage all smiley and call herself the next Prime Minister! Did she no do maths at school? She had 19 MPs, at least 7 of whom were only parking there temporarily. That is 19 for the WHOLE of the UK. How on earth is she going to convert that into a majority?

By the way Jo, the SNP had 35 and, like it or not, that made us the third largest party in Westminster. The unionists have now given up trying to argue with us and have obviously decided that ignoring us suits them best. Well, mind keep the odd wee eye on us.

Meantime I hope that everyone in Scotland who supports independence is out talking about it, working social media and passing information on. Most importantly vote SNP on polling day. Don’t go soft because a candidate said something you thought was impressive. Remember how much the unionist parties have hated us and the contempt they have treated us with. Staying strong and voting SNP is the only way to achieve the fairer Scotland we want. You can fall out with the SNP after we get independence and go vote for someone else. That someone else will then be accountable for those who voted for them and unable to blame their British masters.

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  1. If only I could vote SNP! I live in London – but my heart is in Scotland. I’ll vote for the Green party, the best I can do.

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