December election…….or is it?

Remember when Westminster passed legislation that each parliamentary term would be 5 years? Apparently, this was to stop governments from calling elections when they felt the mood of the country was in their favour. Didn’t take long to break that one, did it? Seems to be Mr Johnson’s favourite pass time, breaking the rules and getting away with it. Can’t get anything railroaded through parliament so let’s call for a new parliament that will do what it’s told. He seems to think even the law of the land does not apply to him. What Boris wants, Boris gets! I have Tuesday night as a deadline for this blog. No chance of being updated by the time this goes out on Thursday evening.

What about the dithering Jeremy? Refused to come down one side or the other. Wanted to be a main ball player but had no idea where the ball was. He was the last leader to decide what his party was doing and then tried to take the credit for taking the lead. Listening to drive time on the radio while I worked I heard someone from Labour say ‘if the Scots want rid of the Tories they should vote Labour and not waste their vote by voting SNP’. Okay, the hardened unionist will buy this line but have they not seen the Labour for independence movement? Many of their flock realise the only way to save Labour in Scotland is to become truly independent from British Labour by reforming in an independent Scotland

Whoever he was he has not been paying attention to what is happening in Scotland. As always in a Westminster election they only look to England for their sums when counting parliamentary seats. Labour has well and truly lost Scotland but they don’t seem to know it. Talk about heads in the sand. They have seven MPs here. One of which the Unite Union tried to get deselected.

As for the Tories (in Scotland). Ruth resigned as the leader and no-one has yet stepped up to the mark. Why could that be? Might it be something to do with the literature the posties are delivering? Two versions so far with Ruth plastered all over them, no mention of Conservative and unionist policy, but plenty of SNP bad and stop the independence ref 2. The Scottish Conservative MPs have done nothing to speak up for Scotland. It’s all very well getting on your hind legs to ask for sympathy when a business goes bust or to congratulate a community on some award they have received. What have you campaigned on at Westminster to improve the lives of your Scottish constituents? Nothing but government voting fodder. Hope you all get what you deserve from the voters.

Vote has just come in. Thursday the 12th it is. That is if the Lords agree!