Give and Take

As I write this the report commissioned by the Scottish Government on pensions and benefits is released by the welfare working group. By now many of you will have had a chance to read it. No wonder the Westminster government is burying its head in the sand and hoping Scotland will vote no. I had no idea that so many of the UK pensions were processed here, in Scotland.  How many other parts of UK  government are carried out here?

This will have massive consequences for the running of the rest of the UK (as it is being called) when we become independent. If they don’t learn to bend and accommodate some of our wishes they will have to relocate these workers, assuming they want to relocate. Perhaps they should consider growing up and realising that real life is about compromise. Every small child tries the “no you can’t have it” approach but soon realises that unless they offer others the chance to have a turn they end with all toys but no-one to play with. It would be to the rest of the UK’s advantage if the Westminster government would at least discuss options with us. If they say no to everything it is going to increase their costs as well. You can’t remove a whole country from a union and expect things to remain unchanged in the remaining part of the union. It’s a bit like the children leaving home, the budget and the household requirements alter quite considerably. It would seem the UK government haven’t learned that there are different ways to do things. Scotland has learned this and most people like the different way of getting things done.

The groups report can be found here


Asking the Questions

I am sure we are all scunnered with the many polls that keep getting thrown at us. Apparently Yes Scotland commissioned a poll that showed the more people were given positive information about independence the more likely they were to vote for independence. To me this wasn’t necessary to have a poll about but it does show that we need to keep talking to people and keep putting the leaflets through doors. It has never ceased to amaze me that people will say they haven’t seen any information when I know I have given it to them. Some people just take a lot longer to get around to paying attention.

A wee piece of information my other half passed to me the other day will no doubt cause disruption in some households. Scotland’s international football matches will be shown free on TV once we are independent.

A wee plug for the Scots Independent shopping mall. Iain MacWhirters new book, Road to Referendum will be available soon, just waiting on delivery from publisher.