Dearie me!

Two weeks till the U.K. elections and we are hearing more about what the S.N.P. are about, on the main British news, than we are hearing about what the U.K. parties are offering us. Labour and Conservative parties have become trapped into trying to scare the electorate that the S.N.P. will combine with the other one to make the government from hell. The Lib Dems don’t know what planet they are on and Malcolm Bruce is getting pretty slanderous in his hatred of Alex Salmond. Nicola Sturgeon live on the “national” news programme more than once in the campaign. Who would have thunk it?


Last year they couldn’t say often enough how much they wanted us to stay in the union. Britain would be worse off without us (yes, I know they meant U.K. but they didn’t know). Wouldn’t life be so much better “all together”, sharing, caring, “working together”. “Please don’t go Scotland we love you so much”. Now it’s back to normal service. Who do you think you are? How dare you stand up and suggest an alternative style of government. It beggars belief that so many elected members (oops, candidates and the ones who saw losing their seats coming) remain blinkered as to what is going on in the U.K. Last year’s referendum has obviously been brushed under the carpet and forgotten about along with the Smith commission. The huge number of people who became engaged in politics are being ignored. Well, ignore at your peril Westminster. The good thing to come out of these endless debates is that those in England who bothered to watch them have discovered there is an alternative to same old Labour or Conservative government, and it does not include U.K.I.P.


I am not allowed to watch these debates live. As I have previously stated my t.v. is in danger of being mortally injured and my other half would just shout over the top of it anyway. I have seen clips though. I have never been so proud of my gender as I have been this past few weeks. I am not a flag waving feminist but I do believe in allowing everyone with ability to progress as they wish. It brought a tear to a glass eye to see those three female leaders show how things can be done. They totally outshone the male leaders, not only in ability, but in style, sincerity and humanity. It’s also good to see that the fun from the Yes campaign continues to be at the centre of a lot of campaigning by the S.N.P.. I was out on Saturday with a huge team in a North East fishing village, most of them new members. Soup etc was provided by a local member. I was washing up in the kitchen and the noise of chatter was everywhere. New friendships being made while campaigning and on to the next village once they were refreshed. Reminiscent of the fun we had back in the 70’s.


Scottish Lib Dems launched their manifesto today in a café. The day after the S.N.P. held a massive launch in the indoor climbing centre. Wee bit of a damp squid, but then again Willie Rennie is never dazzling at the best of times. What is getting increasingly annoying in interviews with the Scottish leaders is that they are not addressing the issues that this election is about. This election is about the issues still retained at Westminster parliament, not the issues being debated in the Scottish parliament chamber. Nor indeed about slinging personal insults around. Start being insulting and you have lost your argument. From what I have been seeing on social media lots of people are needing a skelp from their grand parents. Such language should never be used in public. You may be tucked up in a wee cupboard somewhere believing you are alone but Twitter is public and it’s a total disgrace what is allowed on there.


Before casting your vote at this election look ahead. How many of the previous government M.P.’s will be rewarded with seats in the House of Lords? Far too many for my liking!

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  1. Remember the days when it was said “The most unifying factor in the House of Commons is the sight of an SNP member on their feet”

    They’ll have a surfeit of unification after 7th May – we hope.

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