Scottish Parties launch their manifesto

This absolutely cracks me up.

What an absolute waste of money, time and fake promises. Scottish Liberal Democrats, Scottish Labour and Scottish Conservatives and unionist party do not exist as stand alone parties. They are treated the way Scotland is by the UK Government, as a minor region.

Alex Cole Hamilton made huge claims regarding social care and NHS. Areas where they could just pluck a figure out of the air, as the polling shows that their masters have no chance of coming close enough to have any influence on UK policy, and therefore have some influence on funding for Scotland.

Douglas Ross has totally lost it. While preparing Monday evening’s meal, I heard the Conservative broadcast on the radio. I lost count of the amount of times he mentioned the SNP. He was pleading in a tone worthy of ‘Oliver’. No vision, nothing constructive. Just a’ give me it because I deserve it’ attitude.

Then we have Labour and Anas Sarwar. I think my favourite Meme on social media of late, is him sitting smugly beside Sir Keir Starmar who is saying ‘he’ll just dae as he’s telt’. Which sums up all the speeches Sarwar has been allowed to make in dingy conference rooms, which are totally ignored by the boss.

As for the media’s pushing of Nigel Farage. Having failed to keep the previous far right in government, is this their great push?

Saw a post from an MSP today about a dental practise in his area closing forewith. He contacted the practise to be told he would have to contact HQ. Contacted HQ, to be told ‘we have a PR firm that deals with this. A statement will be made soon’

This is what becomes of giving parties huge majorities, majorities that mean they can fulfil their sponsors’ needs rather than their constituents. It’s not even as though the individual dentists benefit from the system. It’s all about making money for the investors, not providing customer service. This is happening in the veterinary service and areas of the health service where some people are able to pay for a quicker service. If you can’t pay, tough. Watch your pet or your loved one deteriorate in pain.

While it is fair to say that there will be a few unionist party MPs who do genuinely work hard on behalf of their constituents, however, the system is so broken that it needs to collapse. Remember how our newly elected MSPs, with a Westminster training, struggled to cope with proportional representation? They had to do serious debating and negotiating in order to pass regulations. The Westminster bred politicians struggled the hardest. I look forward to England bringing in proportional representation and watch them struggle.

Meantime, the only party that will stand together in the best interest of the people of Scotland, are the SNP.  I know some of you will find that a hard task to do but playing with a protest vote at the moment is dangerous. Scotland voting for unionist parties has never affected the Westminster outcome. Westminster gets what England votes for.