D is for Despicable, disgusting and dross!

As anyone who knows me will testify, I am generally not a fan of glorifying anything to do with “Britishness”. I do however make an exception when it comes to remembering those who gave their lives defending freedom from fascism in the War. They had no choice whether to serve, their personal or political opinions were neither asked for nor heeded. They simply served that the idiots on the rabid right would not conquer, and that freedom of speech, movement and opinions would survive. The Americans often describe their system of government as an experiment in democracy and I think that’s as much as we can ask of any system. As Churchill said “Democracy is the worst form of Government except for all others which have been tried”.

That’s perhaps why I found a couple of things really upsetting recently.

When Prime Minister Rishi Sunak attended the 80th Commemoration of the D-Day landings in Normandy he displayed the horrible nature of the Britnats for all to see. He attended the ceremony to mark the sacrifice of the “British” landings (although in truth there were troops from many countries on those landing craft). But he was crass enough to scurry away home and ignore the sacrifice especially of the Americans on Utah and Omaha. The images of President Macron running to shake the hand whenever a veteran called him will stay in my memory for a long tome in contrast to Sunak who was already probably back in London by then. The fact that it was David Cameron who was left to join the “family picture” photo op will stand as condemnation of Sunak for a long time. And to cap all the disrespect, this is the guy who wants to introduce National Service again. So that the military have a sufficient supply of our kids and grandkids to do it all again.

However, that was small beer in comparison to the wee nyaff who has been my MP for the last few years. Having announced that he was standing down from one of his three jobs as MP for Moray, to concentrate on “becoming the next First Minister” the despicable dross chose D-Day to announce that he was standing as an MP again. The fact that he had to stab one of his colleagues (and supposed “friend”) David Duguid in the back was no deterrent to this horrible little man. The fact that Duguid was recovering from spinal injury surgery and was not only ready to stand but had been chosen by the local tories as their candidate, was no deterrent to dross. With friends like dross, David Duguid has no need of enemies! For clarity, I have copied the message from David Duguid below.

Like some mini farage he actually believed that announcing that he had made yet another u-turn was a good cause to call a press conference when most of us were thinking about Normandy tells us much about how big his ego is and how small hiis judgement.

The bright side is that he has obviously recognised that he has about as much chance of becoming the next First Minister as of getting a Christmas card from the Duguid family!

Since moving to Moray three years ago, I have heard countless stories about his tendency to bully at school and especially to bully girls. He has neither character nor principle to recommend him but to think for a second that he was important enough to merit our attention instead of the fallen was a level of crass egotism which I hope never to witness again.