Pawns for the Unionists

Once again, the Scottish branches of the unionist parties have absolutely no interest in what happens to the SNP.

We are merely pawns in their game of who will control the Westminster Parliament. The SNP are merely punch bags, so they don’t actually knock lumps out of each other. They care not a jot whether we are doing a good or a bad job, just so long as the media is reporting that we are doing a very bad job.

I have dipped in and out of different social media posts over the past few days. Some people are making comments that explain their thinking, fair enough, I may not agree but at least they have used a thought process. Far too many are simply repeating sound bites. These are the people that Mr Ross, Mr Sarwar and Ms Baillie play to. Those who want a soundbite to interject in a discussion, which doesn’t hurt their head by letting them go research.

The point being made by Mr Ross and Mr Sarwar about the SNP being all about Independence for Scotland is true. It has always been the core reason for their being. They have never denied that.

What 17 years in government has proved, however, is that they can govern for the people. They can bring forward legislation that helps out families and to shelter them from Westminster legislation. There are too many for me to mention here, but if you are interested to find out, have a wee read here

If we are so bad up here, why are so many people willing to move here?

Meanwhile I am ignoring the media and awaiting what the SNP decides for itself.

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  1. Come on you Scots.
    You will get your Independence soon.
    It is the fearties that are holding us back.
    They whisper that we winna get our pension if we are Independent.
    We have all paid our Taxes so we must get our Pensions.

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