Since his mother died, he has been grinning like a Cheshire cat and rubbing his hands together. He has waited so long to become king that he is like a child let loose in a toy shop with sweetie shelves.

He has totally misread the feeling of the nation. His nation has been through some very difficult times in the past few years. Loved ones no longer with us, who should have been. People homeless or using food banks to feed their families. While his people have been struggling, he has been spending the public purse on a ridiculously extravagant coronation. Not being content with flaunting all this to us in drip fed press releases, at the weekend he thought it would be a wheeze to invite us to swear allegiance to him. If we must have a monarchy, why can’t we have one like modern countries have?

In walks Anne to explain in an TV interview. She thinks not. Apparently, they provide us with stability and certainty that we would not have without them. After all, what would they do in a slimmed down monarchy? Precisely, Anne, you do what everyone else does and work.

How many of you saw that a teaching plan had been sent to every Council for use in schools. Apparently, our teachers cannot be relied upon to research and present facts. Or, more likely, the British state wanted to ensure our children were given the indoctrination version.

Let’s not forget that it was a relative of theirs who waited too long to put in place measures to deal with a pandemic. When they did start moving, it was to award their wealthy friends with contracts without following procedure. We still remember, we watched you live on TV. We see some of you being investigated at last. Not that we hold our breath.

Yes Charles, there will be some swear allegiance to you but I am willing to bet that many more will simply swear. You have taken us for fools long enough. This weekend your utter contempt for your people will be paraded for all to see.

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  1. A from the heart piece totally summing up the ridiculous state of affairs within this dying union. Well done.

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