The circus continues

So, eventually enough Conservative MPs get concerned enough about PM’s behaviour and the effect it will have on their ability to get re-elected. The PM is asked to step down. Eventually he reluctantly says he’ll step aside when new conservative leader is elected.

Story gets out that he and Carrie want massive wedding party at Chequers. Presumably because they only had a modest event after the wedding? The people of the country not happy. Within days it’s announced the event will not take place.

The process to elect the next conservative party leader, and PM, is announced. There will be debates between the candidates on the BBC. Why? Yes, the winner will be PM but it is internal party politics. You need to be a conservative and unionist party member to vote. I don’t need to see this. I didn’t watch it.

I did, however, hear how it was going via the radio. Nothing new. All trying different ways to say the same thing. Accusations of the candidates and their teams being verbally abusive about each other. So, it’s not just Mr Johnston who is incapable of playing a fair game. Seems if you want to get on in your conservative party career you all have to play dirty.

Next, the televised debates are pulled. No explanation. No, it was not the BBC coming to their senses and realising we were not interested. Apparently, the debates were pulled by the conservative party. The candidates slagging each other was tarnishing their image. Too late. We already noticed the party is split, in more than two parts. None of these candidates are going to provide a better and more stable government than we have. They all played a part in supporting Boris Johnston and his behaviour while PM.

This week also started well. The Supreme Court refused to support the initial move by the UK Government to refuse the people of Scotland the right to a referendum. The written submissions have to be in place early August. Wonder how this will go.

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  1. Yes, I had similar thoughts on this debacle. I only have an interest in so far as who would be our biggest asset when elected by that Tòraidhe mob. Some might (and I have) say I’d be short sighted as I ought to be concerned for ‘the country’ and there is the ‘best of a bad lot’ surely.
    Nope, all shite smells bad.

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