Same old merry go round

Boris is home from his trip where he tried his best to look like a world leader. To be fair, someone had obviously made an attempt to tidy him up a bit, however it’s a bit like putting me in high heels and feminine dress. It’s just not comfy. 

No sooner is he home and the main topic of discussion is what and when did he know about complaints regarding Mr Pincher. Let’s be honest, he was close to the guy, he knew. Had probably witnessed occasions in the past. The massive difference between my world and the PM’s world is expectation. When my sisters and I were young, no outing could begin without the stern warning not to embarrass our parents. I dare say young Boris may have got told similar but the staff were expected to turn a blind eye and cover up. When your parents are hands on, there’s no cover up. Caught red handed and dealt with when appropriate.

There are two worlds out there and it increasingly annoys me in things I read and see. It is not the rich and the poor. It’s the entitled and the considerate. The entitled are in all walks of life. Take what they want, depriving people of human and personal rights, no matter how small or how big. The considerate are also in all walks of life thank goodness. Those who look out for others and offer help, or give a hand up, if required. The novel I am reading at the moment is based in Paisley and Glasgow around the gangland culture. Similarities are obvious between their culture and some political cultures. Start at the bottom, learn the trade, and get to the top. Trouble is the higher you get, the more you want, the more people you take out to gain power. The problem with the PM is all he wanted was to be PM. He didn’t actually want to do the job. Just his name in the history books. Feels more secure the more he surrounds himself with friends. After all they forgive each other more readily than we mere mortals who would be forever hounded by the mistake. He just keeps digging deeper.

I must point out at this point that I do know lots of honest, hard working politicians who stay grounded by contact with family, friends and the activists who got them elected. The culture in Westminster does not allow the same grounding and makes it tough on those elected members who have to stay down there. It can be done though as some have shown.

I have to feel sorry for the English though. They have nowhere politically to go that can change the way their government behaves. A social media friend wrote that ‘Keir Starmer would be great on Strictly. His turns are so elegant…’ None of the main parties in England are willing to renegotiate the single market nor rejoining the EU. How are they going to cope on their own?

Meanwhile, in North Ayreshire the Labour Party tried to scrap a free public transport service for low income families. It is intended as part of the post covid recovery investment plan to provide free travel access by bus or rail for 3 months to encourage low income families to afford to go back to work. Why did Labour want to do this? Because the money was going straight to Stagecoach. It was pointed out that the scheme was to help these families with transport costs and there were more companies than Stagecoach supplying transport. They lost the vote. Wonder why they were picking on Stagecoach and putting so many jobs at risk?

Ah well. How long to go now till 19th October 2023? We best get used to wading through this unionist waste.

I wrote the above piece in the afternoon of July 5,  2022. By teatime we had resignations of the Health Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer. By bedtime they had been replaced and a new Education Minister announced. Goodness only knows what state the government will be in by the time you read this.

One thing is for sure. None of them are looking out for low wage earners and small businesses. 

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