The Key

Well, every day is an adventure when tracking the goings on at Westminster.  Our Prime Minister has not covered himself with glory, or led any kind of example.  I buried my husband exactly one year ago.  At 63 too young, and although he was fighting prostate cancer it was Covid which ended his life.  We were allowed only 20 people including the funeral director and staff.  For a man who was so well liked, involved in rugby and motor sport and loved life, his departure from his community was sad, and his passing without friends and family was cruel.

So you can understand, like so many families, Boris’s antics in Downing Street did not sit well with me or our family.  The problem with the PM is much wider than just sleaze, stupidity and arrogance, it’s beyond that.  The whole situation exposes what he thinks of working people, and worse, the perceived insignificance of us in the Celtic world of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.  I’m not saying he and his bunch of sycophants would not welcome us to their club, though I doubt any of us quite meet the criteria unless an old Etonian.  However, it’s their misconception of us which will bring the final curtain down.  For many of those who live and work in England agree, they too are a faceless entity to The Prime Minister and his front bench.

The lack of support from the Scottish MPs to jettison their boss is only significant in that the numbers being so low, they hardly matter, nor have they bitten the bullet. Their jobs will be safe if they just button up.  But the fact that Ian Blackford is such an irritant makes me believe the narcissist in Number 10 is wriggling on the hook.  

However, if total trust is lost in our politicians it does not bode well for our future.  Unfortunately there is not just one bad egg in Westminster, the whole of the Conservative front bench needs more than a shake up, it needs a clean sweep.  There is much said about footballers and personalities being role models, even more criticism of them when they make mistakes, but when we look on as those who run our country act like demigods, then we are in serious trouble, and elections only seem to lead to more problems.

The only respite is the push away from Westminster to an Independent Scotland.  We have no excuse now but to remove ourself from the Union, it is a matter of fact that elements in Westminster are rotten to the core, with the suspects led by a buffoon.  When it comes to the court jester calling the shots, we have enough clowns making decisions we just don’t want or deserve. But if Scotland is an irritant now, imagine how much can be done when they need us, because this is a new era of coming of age for us, all we need now is the key.