Heat or Eat

So there is a wee shuffle around in Downing Street. We really are being taken for fools. Same faces, different titles and the new leader of the Commons is under investigation for how he treated a female, Muslim MP. As I heard a comedian state on the radio ‘they are doing me out of a job’.

The really scary thing though is how the ordinary working people are being treated. We already have the lowest paid having to choose between food and heat. Remember these are not skivers, they are very low paid and often juggling more than one job. People who pay up front for their energy, so they know they have paid their way, waking up to no heat and no hot water. The amount on their card would have lasted the full week just a short time ago. What makes it even more sickening is the massive profits so proudly announced by the energy giants. The UK government are going to have to do something before we add starvation, hypothermia and disease related to them, to our causes of death numbers. We simply can’t allow them to do this to people. This sink or swim attitude is what you expect from poor countries that can’t afford to help their people.

I heard on the radio today that we had a flu epidemic in 1989. Like most people I either wasn’t aware or had forgotten. The deaths rose sharply in the early weeks, partly due to no protective clothing. Was this the model the UK government attempted to work to at the start of Covid?

Given that the Prime Minister sees nothing wrong in what he said to Keir Starmer and that he sees no relation to what happened on Monday, shows nothing is going to change. His cabinet come from the same background as himself. They really think they can carry out their devious plans and totally get away with it. People need to speak out. Stop voting for them because you are tired of who you normally vote for. Stop reading main stream media and social media. Go to reliable sources where you will get their policies, not the slogans on the bus. 

To all the yes voters don’t start falling out with each other. No matter which pro indepence group/party you belong to, remember your differences should be kept till the post independence debates. The only way we can feed and heat our people is by holding the purse strings and the bank.