The other day I saw a newspaper article shared on facebook. The article was by Andrew Wilson who was pointing out that it could take 7 years after an independence vote to get any agreement with Westminster. I didn’t follow the link as often you only get part of the article and have to subscribe to read the rest. (I don’t subscribe as I don’t have enough time to read them all)

 He seemed to be referring to the way the current Westminster team were being less than constructive in making Brexit work. In my opinion the current squad are not a team, indeed not team players. I fail to see why they occupy the positions they do unless it is just to get their names recorded in history (well, there is another reason but I am pretty sure I am not allowed to mention it here).

Obviously in any divorce things do take time to sort out. We are in the positive position that we do have a devolved government that works as a team. I do remember when we were preparing for government that the team building was being put into place. Having become involved in national meetings mid 80s as a steward I had to learn about the party constitution to properly maintain order at the meetings. In those days we were a party with no chance of being in power. Motions debated were interesting and passionately spoken to. It was interesting being witness to the constitution being built. I have watched many, now well known people, improve their debating skills and rise from ordinary activists to MPs, MSPs, advisors and many other areas of influence. These passionate debates, at times, would perhaps make you think the opposing debaters would have fallen out. Occasionally they did, but more often than not they would be seen later talking over a drink. The debate was over and the result respected. We also knew most people in the meeting by name.

Move forward to today. We know only a percentage of people at National Conference, even less so now we are online as we are the wrong age to be attached to a digital device for any length of time.

However, despite the negative posts on social media, we are in a really positive place. Our SNP administration have oozed teamwork. The original team have encouraged the youngsters who are now moving up the ranks. The recent deal with the Greens has made the numbers game more assured in getting the motions through that both parties are supportive of.  This frees up some of the team to be looking ahead, at least I hope it does.

Whether we deal with the current Westminster team, or their replacements, I believe we are in much better shape than they are. This is a grown-up world, for some of us. We have shown the people of Scotland that we can look out for them and provide a better place for many. What if we had all our taxes to spend and invest as we choose? I believe our team has the experience to play hard ball with Westminster. If they insist on keeping the apron ties, they will have to keep paying us our so-called share.

The next phase is going to be very interesting.

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  1. Excellent article . Aliso having been a steward in the decades after you , what you described ,though we had moved into a more powerful position ,still was to the fore . However as I sit this evening trying somewhat desperately, to access Hopin for Conference , I cling on to memories of another more personal and stimulating experience but I keep trying and occasionally laughing ,at my incompetence!!! Onward and Upward

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