Compassion Must Rise

As from the 9th of August most restrictions are to be lifted. We are being asked to continue with masks indoors and crowded places, as well as distancing when appropriate and good hygiene practices.

It would seem that Douglas Ross, Conservative leader, cannot understand why we can’t just dismiss all precautions. He wants to Follow Mr Johnson’s lead. Well Douglas, I will tell you precisely why.

Last week an online friend in Wales had to go into the office in an English city. She had been working from home for more than 18 months. She survived the office and a meal out with her colleagues. The following day she was getting the train home, sitting by herself with mask on. On come a group of adults and children, all shouting above each other to be heard and no masks as the PM had said no need. Then the beer cans opened and the behaviour escalated. Came time to change trains. Lift to get to required platform clearly had poster saying no more than one family unit in lift at same time. Yep, you’ve guessed it, they all barged in beside her. Thankfully she was able to manoeuvre to a different carriage from them. She had been trapped and scared by people who think it’s all over. The virus is not finished with us yet and we have no way of knowing who is carrying it. We are advised to carry out 2 rapid flow tests a week if we are attending work, school, university etc. We all know that many people will not do it, enough to put us all at risk.

Had to have a wee laugh at the letter Nicola sent Boris today. It had come to her notice that he was coming to Scotland. Did he want to meet and discuss covid recovery. He declined apparently. So why is he coming? To be a laughing stock again? He is clearly bored of being PM and any excuse not to do the day job. Maybe it’s just me but the UK Cabinet seem to be working as individuals, not a complying unit.

The BBC have been at their usual game of manipulating information to show Scotland in a bad light. Via social media we are now seeing the drug death figures for England. Not looking that pretty either. As has been pointed out by a few, becoming a drug addict is not always a choice made in a rational situation. Conditions created by the Conservatives under Margaret Thatcher led to conditions that caused people to turn to drugs as the only relief from the situations they found themselves in. If you have never found yourself there, be very thankful. There’s a world of difference between recreational drugs and addiction. It’s also a very thin line.

With the appointment of Angela Constance as Scotland’s first Minister for Drug Policy I have some hope. It will not be easy. She knows this. She also has different ways of looking at things. We are developing a good track record in Scotland for looking out for minority groups. This should also include one of our most vulnerable groups. There are many reasons for being there and all come from different backgrounds. Compassion has to be the result of what we have been going through.