Buffoonery is not cool

So that was another embarrassing week by our Prime Minister. Goes to Brussels for a meal and a chat. He had tried to have separate talks with the individual leaders of EU countries. They didn’t play his game and remained a unified unit. Split and divide is what the tories do best. Some Yes campaigners need to waken up to this.

Rather than behave in a statesmanlike manner at the dinner he decides to play the bullish clown and make some crude and tasteless jokes about some of the EU countries. Then the following day, at a press conference with Ursula von der Leyen, he continues the act. She is immaculately turned out. He looks like he has slept in a bush in his suit, is fidgeting with his mask and totally unaware of the 2 metre distancing.

Tuesday afternoon I had radio Scotland on in the background in my work room. One of the interviews was with a health scientist. She was spitting mad that the UK government had used the virus variant to scare the population and as the reason for putting London into the English tier 3. She said this is what viruses do, they mutate to get round precautions put in place. This new variation did spread faster but there was no indication it made you more ill. The government twisting of the truth to suit their need, again.

On the same programme an ex negotiator for the UK government was diplomatically saying what a hash the brexiteers were making of communications with the EU. Then my ears pricked up when he mentioned that the UK negotiator was not a negotiator, he is a personal advisor. Another example of not working with the experienced guys as they will disagree with you and show what little you know. I sincerely hope that the rumours Johnstone will be gone early next year are true. Mind you, who will take his place?

Then we had Douglas Ross. The BBC seem to think it’s fair that when The First Minister makes an announcement he is entitled to 5 mins to blame everything on the SNP. Even John Beattie seems to be fed up with this. His tone in dealing with the Scottish Tory leader says a lot. Mind you Douglas is so full of himself that he usually hands us a gift while being allowed to mouth off. A cracker at the weekend was that if there is another independence referendum he and his team won’t play. Really? Miss the opportunity to slag off the SNP? Cannae see it, but then again, we have the ball Douglas.