Leadership quality matters

Last night watching CNN news was compulsive. The USA considers itself to be the leader of Nations. A shining example for us all to aim for. Well one man’s campaign of several years destroyed that yesterday.

Since the election in November he has behaved like a spoilt child. In a Nation that positively encourages people to carry arms on a daily basis, their leader uses social media to wind up his supporters to the level that they feel entitled to enter a government building, threaten the staff, trash the place and shoot people. 4 people dead because someone cannot accept defeat at a democratic poll.

A good friend of President Trump says his actions have ensured that it will be a long time before another Republican President sits in the Whitehouse. His advice to Republicans is to elect candidates on policies in future and not on personality.

Nearer home we have a similar situation. The Westminster government ultimately holds the big purse strings and controls how much vaccine is purchased and how and when it is divvied up. Matt Hancock visited a health centre today for a press opportunity around the starting of vaccinating. Oops, vaccine has been delayed by 24 hours. Did nobody tell him? Slappy wrists for member of his team then.

Leadership quality at Westminster? Prime Minister is totally unable to turn out without looking like he slept in a hedge. Thinks waving his arms around and mumbling sound bites in a Churchill style with, a guffaw added, will get us all to like him. Is there a member of the cabinet who has not been caught out on a lie in the media? Have they said sorry? No. They just try and talk their way out and change the subject. Their advisors look extremely uncomfortable at times with the cabinet and often do briefings on their own

Thank goodness I have a leader I can look up to. She is not perfect. She has stated that many times. She does put herself before us, most days, tells us the situation as it is and allows herself to be questioned. Apologises frankly when something has gone wrong. She is always accompanied at the briefings by members of her team, both advisors and secretaries. They are completely relaxed in each others company and trust each other to answer questions.

My Leader has been the topic of conversation in many European newspapers recently, in a positive light. My leader has been invited to take the citizens she leads back into the family of Europe once we manage to leave the chains of the Westminster control. Of my Leader I am proud.