So. Game on then

This week started with new Scottish Tory leader landing himself in it. In his ‘I am right’ manner he put the radio presenter in his place, he thought. Trouble is the person he quoted was listening to the programme and was very angry at being misquoted. You got to admit the Scottish Tory leaders have spectacular abilities to land themselves in the proverbial.

Then Tuesday arrived. All the issues that have arisen during Covid 19 are to be looked at by the government in the last programme for government of this parliamentary term.

Some snippets from her speech :-
“The Economy Secretary will publish the implementation plan for the Youth Contract tomorrow.
But be in no doubt now – this Guarantee signals our absolute determination that youth unemployment will not be a legacy of this pandemic.
We are also earmarking £10 million to help employers recruit and retain apprentices. This will include incentives to take on apprentices who have been made redundant.”

“Backed by initial funding of £25 million, it will help up to 10,000 people of all ages retrain for jobs in growth sectors.
We will also double to £20 million our Flexible Workforce Development Fund, which helps employers address skills gaps.
And we will establish a Green Jobs Fund – initially worth £100m – which I will say more about shortly.
Supporting workers to upskill and retrain is essential.”

“As indicated earlier, we will also create a £100 million Green Jobs Fund.
Half will be dedicated to helping businesses and organisations grow to significantly increase employment in low carbon sectors.
The other half will help businesses take advantage of public and private investment in the low carbon economy.
We will also help other industries become green.”

“The quality of adult social care is something that matters deeply to us all. This is a moment to be bold and to build a service fit for the future.
The National Health Service was born out of the tragedy of World War 2. Let us resolve that we will build out of this COVID crisis, the lasting and positive legacy of a high quality, National Care Service for all who need it.”

“If this was a programme for government in an independent Scotland, it wouldn’t have to contemplate the damage of Brexit. Instead it could set out even more far reaching plans. Plans for:

an immediate extension of the Job Retention Scheme – not a plea for another government to do so

the greater use of borrowing powers to further stimulate our economy transformation of our national grid to support faster development of renewables

a migration system that welcomes talent at all levels and supports people to make Scotland their home

a Universal Basic Income and a social security system geared wholly, not just partially, to lifting households out of poverty

That is why, before the end of this Parliament, we will publish a draft Bill, setting out the proposed terms and timing of an independence referendum, as well as the proposed question that people will be asked in that referendum.
And then, at next year’s election, we will make the case for Scotland to become an independent country, and seek a clear endorsement of Scotland’s right to choose our own future.”

You may think I am being lazy but these key points need to be read and heard in my opinion.
Perhaps you may like go read the speech and take in all the detail of what our government plans for the remaining period of this parliamentary term. It is quite impressive.

I didn’t have time to listen to all the questions asked. I only had time to listen to Ruth and Richard.
Ruth at least did have the grace to say she supported most of it. She did however ask about a subject that the first minister had addressed. Loved her reply to Richard about how he asks for weeks on end for things to be done, then when she does include them in the plans he just moans. I don’t think he can do anything but moan.

So, will my social media now be devoid of all the so called yessers that keep moaning? Somehow, I doubt it. It seems to be the nature of the human race that although you agree on the end result you will fight like rats in a sack about how to get there. Whatever your preferred method of campaigning, let’s keep it friendly, supportive, clean and respectful. As a youngster I was told if you have to use foul language or aggression then you have already lost your case. Let us come together and move forward to our goal.


  1. Wastemonster’s most powerful and effective weapon is DIVIDE & RULE. Surely disputatious folk can see that and therefore reason it’s best to wait until INDEPENDENCE is achieved before fighting their corners again.

    1. Sadly David some people are more worked up about their personal interest subject than working for independence

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