Anither Indy Group

A new political organisation has been born. Apparently, the aim is to bring together people who don’t like to belong to a political party, to discuss, debate, form policies and field list candidates. Lifted from the about section of their facebook page ‘The Alliance for Independence was created to give YES, Indy groups and individuals a voice in Scotland’s parliament and to remove as many non indy msp’s as possible.’ They wish to attract all small bands of independence supporters and YES groups.

My take on the reason there are so many small groups of independence supporters is because they all can’t get on together. In some cases there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians, to use an old saying. Now I am not a number cruncher. People start throwing numbers about and my head
goes dizzy. They appear to have convinced themselves that the voters can be persuaded to vote one for SNP to govern and vote 2 for another pro-independence candidates in order to reduce the amount of unionist MSPs. Fine and dandy, BUT I have experienced how crazy the voters out there
are. They have some weirdly wired reasons for the way they vote. What about the natural tory, labour and lib dem voters that loan the SNP their first vote? Will they toe the line or will they vote for the candidate of their natural views to make sure the policies they like in that party will be
heard? If the alliance organisation get MSPs elected and they have no party structure, how is that going to work?

In the unique times that we have faced these past few months the Scottish Government have had to prove their worth. They have worked their socks off. They have not done everything as it should be, at the right time. No country’s government has. There was no route map for this, there was no
practise run. Everyone has had to learn on the job. As everything has been recorded and details of each step published, when this has settled down, what happened when and why can be scrutinised and learned from. This is how strategies are developed.

I am sick to death of people who won’t be held to account taking wild swipes at the government and their advisers. Other countries are looking at the UK and remarking how much better the devolved nations are managing this pandemic. I am also getting thoroughly scunnered of Boris’s team
announcing things after Nicola’s team have. As for the latest ‘if you are obese you will suffer more with covid’ message , what is that all about? Wasn’t it put far better by our team when we were encouraged in the daily briefings to keep active, walk or cycle if we can and eat well? Wasn’t that a more pleasant way to impose the importance of looking after ourselves?


  1. As one of over 1.6 million who voted for Scottish independence but whose work as online delivery driver trying my best in challenging circumstances it is quite sad that both the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party and Scottish Labour Party have almost given up on the job they get paid to do which is be supportive opposition leaders in a time of crisis while holding the Scottish government to account. Sadly for both petty politicking to please their supporters matters more than doing their job, in my opinion.

  2. As an SNP member for over 50 years I am sad but not surprised at the plethora of new bodies promoting Independence.

    There is only one party for Independence and that is the SNP; members may not appreciate that voting for other parties means voting against the SNP

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