“We need the SNP signed up to a Manifesto for Independence which they’ve been ‘persuaded’ to adopt by a united Yes movement”

Just read that aloud and ask in which universe the SNP need to be persuaded on Independence.

We’ve been knocking on doors, delivering leaflets and marching for in my case since 1967!

The arrogance to think I need to be persuaded on Independence is the kind of attitude which turns me off and I find it hard to believe will persuade voters to see this as a serious contribution to the debate.

Saw the above in a facebook post today. I have no desire to offend the Yes supporters. There are, however, an element who think they invented the cause for independence. They may have highlighted the cause with their high visual events, photos in press and social media and indeed this has been positive, in the main. I have been to some of these events and for people who do not feel confident to debate in meetings they are a great way to express how they feel.

I do however think they need to give the political parties a little respect. You need political parties to make up the government. A government full of individuals just would not achieve anything. You can argue that the parties are not being effective and perhaps that could mean that new blood is needed as elected members.

To state that “we need the SNP signed up to a Manifesto for Independence which they’ve been ‘persuaded’ to adopt by a united Yes movement” shows immense lack of awareness. The SNP’s central policy is Independence for Scotland. I am one of the many, many, unsung heroes of the movement. The ones who have knocked doors, leafleted and campaigned in town centres all our adult lives.

I have worked alongside the Yes campaign, recognising that they did not want to tie their colours to one particular party. They love the flag waving, the entertainment, the speeches. I have also heard comments from marchers like ‘let’s move from here, I’m not marching behind that flag’. We have to be grown up and realise that we need to give and take, be tolerant of our different views within the same ideology.

The SNP’s raison detre is Independence for Scotland. They chose the peaceful way, through the ballot box. I have experienced many painful election results. I have watched the party pick itself up many times. Then they learned the science of Politics. It has been a long journey. Many who fought the cause reaped no benefit, apart from lifelong friendship.

You may not have time for the elected members in governments but is you who puts them there, whether you vote or not. Personally, at this point in time, I am glad we have an SNP team in government in Scotland. I watched this team grow up in the party. I know their strengths. You may not be getting a date for your referendum at the moment. What you are getting is a crack team, of SNP politicians and their expert advisors, working to get us through the worst period in our lives. This team has been recognised by many Countries as being a great team, tackling the situation in an adult and responsible manner.

This is the team that are proving to the people of Scotland that they can run a Country responsibly. They are treating the people of Scotland as adults. They are showing the world that Scotland would be an asset in the European Union and other organisations.

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  1. Yes it is worrying to hear so many Yes supporters questioning our commitment,because without the SNP there would never have been a Yes movement.
    They think that marching behind the Flag will achieve Independence – a quick look at Unionist intransigence tells the true story.

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