Capitalism – not for us

On Monday of this week the BBC Scotland journalist asked the First Minister if the building of the Louisa Jordon health facility was a waste of taxpayer’s money as it may never be used. She would have been the first to criticise it not being there if the cases requiring hospitalisation exceeds our normal capacity.

On Tuesday of this week a BBC Scotland reporter asked the First Minister if the downturn in the economy was worth it to save lives. I thought I was mishearing but no, some of my friends heard him say it too. If that question does not flag up his political stance then nothing will.

Now they are pushing the Scottish Government to reveal how and when they will lift lockdown. The journalists may have very little to do but all the people working together to get us safely out of this are very busy indeed. You will be told what is happening, and when, once it is appropriate. Once the evidence has been collected and the risks have been assessed. You do know that a huge part of the population doesn’t listen to you nowadays because of your biased behaviour, don’t you?

In Scotland we have a government who, as Nicola said on Monday, are treating us like the grown ups we are. If something doesn’t quite work to plan they apologise and fix it within hours.

In England the Westminster team is all over the place. Statements made in their daily briefings are often found to be mistruths at the least, by the following day. It is circulating today, Tuesday, that their reported death, infection numbers are way below the actual figures. They seem to be saying a lot at these statements but all they are really doing is keeping their people in the dark.

Capitalism – an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.

The good people of England keep electing a capitalist government. Because of this they now find that they have sold off so much of the NHS they have no control. They have reduced staffing levels so much that there is no spare capacity. We no longer manufacture a lot of things, we find it easier to import from the far east. The place that was first into lockdown so there were no supplies available to increase stock in preparation. We have seen some people in manufacturing offering to turn around their facilities to help. These offers fell on deaf ears. Could this be because they did not belong to the millionaires’ club that is running Westminster? People are being ‘let go’ and having to sign on for benefits but it’s okay folks, the dividends are paying out and the Hedge Funds are doing just grand thank you very much.

We have very wealthy individuals in business unwilling to put their hand in their own pocket to see them through this time and are pursuing the governments for financial assistance. That’s our money which we paid in taxes, they didn’t. Meanwhile we have solo traders, the arts industry, small businesses relying on friends and family for food parcels. People who were not furloughed, just let go, relying on the generosity of their local community. The wee people are rallying round to help each other but the people with enormous wealth are simply making more money on the back of this. If the goings on in the UK at the moment do not make England throw out a Conservative Government at the first chance then I give up. I sincerely hope that many in Scotland see sense after this. Our team played the better game. We are small enough and smart enough to run our own affairs.

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  1. What can I say? Spot on. The tone and manner of of many journalists (sic) and questions is also reflective of their unionist ‘credentials’. Well said

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