Stay Safe

It’s part of our daily language just now. Our days revolve around the First Minister’s statement. I was so glad when our Scottish Government decided to take the initiative in dealing with the coronas virus in our country.

I am one of the immense band of self employed creators that are going to be among the hardest hit by this, but the bottom line is that if we survive things can be repaired. If we don’t comply, we may not survive.

I am finding the media a pain in the proverbial, more so than normal. Severe language is being used inappropriately and the level of negativity is sky high. I was at the farm for my veg the other day and was told of someone much younger than me who was terrified to go outside. I am willing to bet that a huge part of that fear is she is the smartphone generation. Meanwhile my 84 year old neighbour says she is well, would love to go out but mobility is poor, and will throw out her visiting help if they sound even slightly unwell. We go for a walk on the good weather days and hardly leave the village. Waste of time travelling to supermarkets as half my shopping is never on the shelves. It will do us good to be without some things for the near future.

What would be helpful is for people to stop spreading misinformation on social media. There are many positive stories out there and increasingly there are areas being identified where those of us who are well can be helping others out. Parents will be working flat out at the moment, while people like me are seeking out jobs that have been put off for a rainy day. Some have signed up to the register to be available to assist people in our community. Some started their own wee groups the other week and made it known in their communities that there were available. Most ordinary people are doing their bit, but it seems that some journalists and some politicians just cannot resist making mischief. There are also a lot of people out there who think they know everything but what they post on social media shows them up to be anything but knowledgeable.

In this period of insecurity can we all try and be nice to each other, look out for each other and keep our belief in our independence. One sure thing in these times is that our Scottish government are showing they can lead. They are showing the world that we are smart enough and competent enough to be independent and that Nicola is worthy of being called a world leader


  1. Thank you for such a positve mail. It saddens me that so much negative stuff is being churned out. I watch the FM, CMO and Jeanne Freeman each day, thankful for their calmness, clarity and straight-talking. Whether we realise it or not, Scotland is on the world stage through TV, internet and media. How we present ourselves is how we’ll be seen when it comes to the question of independence. And in my opinion, we’re there now in all but legalities. Perhaps we need to be mindful of that.

  2. The difference between the Scottish Government and the Westminster mob is startling. The First Minister and her team are clearly on the ball, willing to answer questions while the Tories are evasive and with a reputation of repeatedly lying, it’s difficult to believe a word they say. Great post.

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