Let’s call the whole thing off

So. Another big Brexit vote. Another embarassing defeat. Just how much can one woman take. If this was happening in civvy street I am sure the men in white coats would be called in and act on such delusional behaviour.

Heard a man on today’s (Wednesday) radio phone in who travels widely in Europe and says that the ordinary European is just laughing at us. Well, we knew that didn’t we? Thought he summed up the Brexit attitude very well though. ‘The English think they are the new Aryan race’. This is the really worrying aspect of Brexit for me. Common courtesy and decency have disappeared and some people (too many people) think they can say what they like with no need to be accountable. Sadly it is not only the uneducated that think this. What has happened to break the union that came about to ensure peace in Europe? I can’t help but think the Capitalists in their chase for increasing profit while maintaining low operating costs, eg wages and conditions, played a part in this. Or am I being too simplistic?

MP for the Ochils played a blinder this week. Scotland is a principality. Surely everyone knows there is only one principality? If the Tories are so popular and doing so well how could they not find one of their own in the Ochils area to stand for election instead of importing from England?

Social media was going mad on Tuesday evening about the BBC cutting off Ian Blackford in the Brexit debate. Have they lost it completely? Had they not worked out how many people were watching to hear what he had to say? I am sure there would be many who wanted to hear what their own MP had to say, not just what Theresa and Jeremy had to say. Mind you, most people have given up on balance an democracy on the BBC, in fact most mainstream media.

So, another week of waffling before another big vote next Tuesday. It is all getting rather boring but the outcome could be disastrous. When will heads prevail and call the whole thing off.

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  1. Just watch Westminster on channel 232 (Freeview). Then you get to see the whole thing.

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