Political Instability

At the time of writing, the political instability of the country is astounding. After months upon months of wrangling and backtracking for a deal that even the leave voters have deserted, this afternoon, the Prime Minister revoked on the plan to hold a Commons vote on the decisions that had been reached on a Brexit withdrawal. Knowing that she would be heavily defeated by her own government as the proposals stood, she announced that the vote would be deferred until further tweaks had been sought from the EU.

Our exit from the European Union bears no resemblance to what those who voted leave were promised which is of little surprise when you consider some of the ludicrous claims that were made. As the reality of the situation that the Government found themselves in began to sink in, panicked discussions were held in an effort to remain within the EU whilst still managing to leave it. Gibraltar was placated and Scotland was ignored whilst the Northern Ireland border remained an insurmountable issue in any negotiations. Any sensible suggestion put forward by the Scottish Government that would protect Scotland’s interests was rejected out of hand showing the contempt in which our country was held by the UK government. Halfhearted resignation promises were offered by Scottish Tories whilst their English counterparts followed through with theirs.

Today’s shenanigans just seemed to have increased in their absurdity. From May announcing the deferral of the vote to Labour tabling an emergency debate for tomorrow questioning the validity of the deferral, It increasingly looks likely that the last couple of years will prove to be the most monumental waste of time and we end up staying in the EU after all. The original referendum result had been so close, I have no doubts that if it was to be repeated, the result would be vastly different in favour of remain.

There are many rumours circling about a snap election or the resignation of Theresa May; I believe the latter will happen when it becomes apparent that Brexit will no longer happen. Just as David Cameron did after the Leave/Remain referendum produced the unexected leave result, May, who is a remainer, will also resign after achieving the result that she actually wanted if she is not pushed before then. Regardless of which scenario happens, Brexit as was promised to the electorate will thankfully never happen. The instability which will follow however will be difficult and the ramifications will be felt for generations. The SNP have offered to stand with Labour in a vote of no confidence against the government but this does not suit Corbyn. As much as he refuses to stand united with the SNP, the timing does not suit him well enough with his own beliefs about where the country should be going.

As I watched the clip of Lloyd Russell-Moyle removing the ceremonial Mace, the irony of the Tory backbenchers shouting “ridiculous” and “disgraceful” at his actions whilst remaining silent about the policies that their own party introduced and are far more needy of these descriptions was not lost. A party that believes archaic traditions are more important than homelessness, poverty and wars is simply sickening.The sooner an independent Scotland is delivered, and we can distance ourselves from policies that bring down their country rather than build it up, the better.