All I want for Christmas is …. an opposition

It is often said that people get the leadership they deserve. If so, it’s hard to imagine just what the membership of the Labour Party have done to deserve this lot.

For the last year or so Labour have sought to hide their differences over Brexit behind claims that what they want is a General Election. Yet now, when the Government are floundering hopelessly does he go for the jugular? No!

Instead Craven Corbyn plays socialist debating society games. Instead of leading the charge to get rid of this shambolic Tory government, he and Labour’s Shadow Cabinet table a motion of No Confidence not in the Government but just Theresa May! This is a classic example of why he and they are utterly unfit for office.

I’ve just heard Labour’s Shadow Housing Secretary, John Healey, say that they tabled this motion because it is not in the interests of the country to lose another month.If that’s what they believe, the motion HAD to be no confidence in the Government! That motion would have been debated this week. They issue is not just about bringing the Withdrawal Agreement to a vote, it’s about getting rid of this Government.

What this shows is simply that the Labour Party knows that it is as splintered as the Tories on Brexit. They would have a monumental battle trying to put together a coherent manifesto which could unite Kate Hoey and Keir Starmer for example on a common position so instead they play parlour games to avoid the general election they claim to want. What an utter shambles.

The Labour motion was not even in their own parliamentary time. Their motion actually required the Government to make time available to debate it.

Only a full Opposition motion of No Confidence in Her Majesty’s Government is guaranteed to be debated and voted on but as usual this apology for an opposition bottled it. Instead it’s left to the SNP, Plaid and others to seek to amend the Labour motion to give it teeth.

Just imagine if this was a Labour Government for a moment. We would have the right wing press frothing at the mouth demanding that the government go, their supporters would fill our screens and air waves on political and talk shows hammering out the same constant message. But even now Labour’s supporters like the Record,Guardian, Mirror etc have to be muted because there is absolutely no leadership, no direction and no belief.

At a time when we need a real opposition more than at any time in recent history, we have more of a debating society. It’s time to stop playing at gesture politics, grow a pair and put down the real No Confidence motion.

As the chant might go aaaaaaarrrgh Craven Corbyn.