Clinging on

Well those damn pesky Scots (polite version) appear to be getting somewhere. Nicola has been down in Westminster chatting to Theresa about a third way. Ian Blackford has been leading his team in constantly chipping away in the debate about how things will affect Scotland.Talks have been held with other opposition parties. Meanwhile a cross party group have been taking the possibility of just being able to say ‘no, we want to reverse the Brexit decision’ (the simplified one sentence version) to the European Court of Justice.

‘In a written statement, the ECJ said Mr Campos Sanchez-Bordona’s opinion was that if a country decided to leave the EU, it should also have the power to change its mind during the two-year exit process specified in Article 50 of the EU treaty.

And it should be able to do so without needing the consent of the other 27 member states – contrary to what the EU itself has argued.’

This of course does not mean that this is what the final announcement will be but many have been given hope.

This was not helpful in the slightest at the start of Theresa May leading a five day debate in Westminster where she is trying to persuade MPs to support her.

Tuesday did not go too well for her. Defeated in three votes. I am tempted to be of the opinion that some of her Tories voted against her as a mid debate revolt in order to get her to make some changes. However I am now hearing that her response so far has been of the scaremongering type such as ‘if you don’t support this you may regret it in the future’. Her senior cabinet members are scrabbling around to point out reasons for MPs to support her. I doubt comments like ‘supporting Theresa is the only way to get us out of EU’ are going to cut it with those who have mounting doubts and questions.

So, what will happen if we get the result from the European Court before Tuesday? Do we think they will hold off till after Tuesday? Those of us who love conspiracies are no doubt spinning like mad. One things for sure, no-one wants to be Theresa right now.