Civil War – where?

Apparently all last weekend the headlines in the main media were all about a civil war breaking out in the SNP.

Personally I missed this. I was out in Aviemore promoting the Scots Independent newspaper at the SNP National Assembly. Once we had done so we then took time out to enjoy what that part of Scotland has to offer. We chilled in the campsite and spoke to many people about all sorts. Our SNP and Yes stickers were clear to be seen on the campervan. Did not seem to put people off speaking to us.

Went shopping Monday morning and the headlines were eerily quiet. No mention of the SNP. Could that be because it all kind of back fired on them? From what I could make out using social media everyone I knew was out spreading the word. There was a rally which appeared to be well attended. Many friends posted pictures of street stalls that were busy. Some posted pictures of constructive meetings being held to discuss the way forward in campaigning.

We did have a good laugh at all the comic posts put up by supporters of independence on how they survived the civil war. Some were really very witty. This is what the unionists do not have…….wit.

It also shows that supporters of independence have learned maturity in getting to this point. I remember well the days when if the National media said there was going to be a civil war many would have believed it, and assisted in making it happen. We have had so much of this nonsense thrown at us over the years that most people have learned to take it with a pinch of salt and have developed humorous ways of dealing with it. Some still need a little help with that.

Unionists, address your own problems, for they are many. Scotland is seeing through your thinly veiled lies. The civil war is bubbling beneath the surface of your parties, indeed more on the surface in some.