A Fine Bourrach

So, as I write this we are in a bigger mess than last week. I am going to the Country, she said, to get the mandate I need to complete Brexit. What she meant was I will get a majority that no-one can overturn and I will plough Brexit through the way I want it.

The good people of the United Kingdom of course had other thoughts. For those in England who did not realise they were voting for more austerity last time, they looked around. They saw that Jeremy was enjoying campaigning, relaxed, and saying things they liked the sound of. If only the good people of NE Scotland and the borders had not believed the mantra of the Tories then she would be in real trouble. The good people of afore mentioned areas believed the ‘no2indyref’ posters that sprung up in their fields. Not a single policy was mentioned in any of the copious leaflets that came through the post. Repeat the mantra continuously and it will stick in people’s heads.

Sick to the back teeth of being told to forget Independence I decided to go look at the party websites.

On the SNP website was a very clear statement

Our Vision

The SNP is committed to making Scotland the nation we know it can be. Our vision is of a prosperous country where everyone gets the chance to fulfil their potential. We want a fair society where no-one is left behind. And our vision is of Scotland as an independent country – equal to the very best.


On the Scottish Conservative and Unionist website, in the ‘what we stand for’ page

We are a party which champions individual choice

Scottish Conservatives believe that people and not government make the decisions that are best for themselves, their families and communities.


but obviously not allowed to determine that you want to be independent.

On the Scottish Labour site, lots of pictures, press releases and ancient history. Nothing about a current mission statement. You can download their manifesto though. Just one big guddle of a site.

So NO Ruth and Kezia. We will not be shying away from Independence. It is our core policy. At no time did we give a date for it either. You even had some of our members believing we had. It was always the case that depending on what Brexit delivered would determine when we would seek the next referendum. Lying and scaremongering again by the unionist parties.

So, where are we now? Oh aye, a bigger mess than we were before you decided to go to the ‘Country’ Theresa. You were in the mess you were in because David Cameron gave in to the far right in UKIP and your own benches. You are now dallying with the DUP. Have you really no idea how big a mess that could get the United Kingdom’s in? I know you hate nationalists and think they can merely be ignored. You get away with it with the Scottish variety, but with the Irish? Really? Recent history?

Oh, and while I am at my rant on your attitude to nationalists. You have been ignoring the First Minister of Scotland and allowing her no input on how Brexit will affect the Scots. Meanwhile Ruth Davidson is in there saying her piece. Now the Ulster unionists are going to have their say on how things pan out?

I am not a political strategist. I am merely one of the foot soldiers. Even I can see how disastrous this situation is. Westminster government being laughed at all over the world. Strong and Stable? You’re not the Boys Brigade. You think of yourself as the leader of Nations. Mair like a wifey scrabblin aroon tae see if you can cobble a meal th’gither fae the scraps left in the larder.

While you desperately try to hang on as Prime Minister our SNP Government will continue with the day job of trying to make Scotland a fairer and more equal place for their own citizens and those who choose to live here (while they can).

Our 35 MPs will be just as annoying to you as the 54 were. They will be as astute at manning the benches and asking the questions that others shy away from. They will continue to stick up for all the people of Scotland against the cuts you are no doubt going to foist on us again.


  1. Thanks Margaret, I always enjoy a good rant:-)

    The Unionists have collectively landed us in an even bigger mess than we thought was possible.
    And now a new member of the Government from the House of Lords – a failed Parliamentary candidate.

    I could have been in the House of Lords – I failed four times – Oh – wrong party!

    1. As is becoming clearer every day

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