Nuclear Weapons = Target

What is Trident. I mean, apart from the obvious weapon of mass destruction.

Everything I have read leads me to the conclusion that it is merely a way of the big boys measuring their worth. The ‘would be important’ peoples’ version of ‘mine is bigger than yours’

Why would you want to have weapons of mass destruction? Bear in mind we invaded another country our UK government felt had no right to have them. What makes us so special we should have them?

Although Trident was designed as a strategic deterrent, the end of the Cold War led the British government to conclude that a sub-strategic – but not tactical – role was required; the 1994 Defence White Paper stated: “We also need the capability to undertake nuclear action on a more limited scale in order to … halt aggression without inevitably triggering strategic nuclear exchanges”. A later statement read: “We also intend to exploit the flexibility of Trident to provide the vehicle for both sub-strategic and strategic elements of our deterrent … as an insurance against potential adverse trends in the international situation”.[16] (taken from Wikipedia)

This is classic bullying. The countries that have nuclear warheads are basically saying ‘know your place, don’t threaten us or we will destroy you’. Given some of the potential candidates of late that will be the key holders to the warheads, this is scary stuff.

Seeing as Scotland has been leading the way in new ways of thinking here’s a wee idea from a Scottish woman. How about we all grow up? Bullying and threatening never got an argument won. It maybe stopped a situation in its tracks but it certainly never took the people with it and provided a long term solution.

Living peacefully side by side with our neighbours takes real guts. Negotiating around the table rather than over it. Respecting another’s point of view and trying to find a new path that will accommodate all without one having to give up everything while another gets the lions share.

We have been told that money is tight. We are still in recession. We all have to pull our belts in. People aren’t getting interest on bank savings. Jobs are being lost to cut costs. Companies are reducing wages, one in the headlines by as much as 30%. Social, health, and emergency services are struggling

Yet we can find £205 billion to spend on a replacing something that is never used. Yes, I know Teresa May said she would press the button, but in what circumstances? Meantime it sits in a beautiful part of Scotland destroying that beauty. It is kept under lock and key. Polished. One third at any one time is travelling around the seas in a submarine.

If we really were grown up and made genuine attempts to get on with other countries then we would not need a threatening weapon of mass destruction sitting in a country that does not want anything to do with it.

Just ask the people of France. Nuclear warheads have not protected them this past year or so.

In February Philip Hammond (now the new Chancellor of the Exchequer) said ‘North Korea seem to think possessing a nuclear weapon makes them safe. In fact it’s the opposite. Having a nuclear weapon makes them a target.’ Surely that means we are a target as well?

The unionist politicians need a clear out, they are obviously incapable of changing their mind set so the people need to deselect the old set minds and elect more open minded MPs.


  1. Great piece , Margaret. Put it on Facebook so I can share!

  2. Must have missed that comment from Hammond, but it is very well worth repeating.

    He would be Defence Secretary then? maybe now he is Chancellor of the Exchequer he could be interested in saving a few bawbees along with the world 🙂

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