Remain or Leave?

For the first time in my adult voting life I am scared. Really, I seriously am. Terrified that the Conservative elite have dragged us into this position because they could not understand their electorate and see this as the solution to internal party battles and as a reaction to UKIP.

The only people we are hearing anything from are the privileged in society. They are throwing monetary figures around without doing any of the sums and appealing to the fears of the lowest common denominator of the population. Each side are just lobbying verbal bombs at each other, appear to have no strategy and absolutely no understanding of what this referendum is meant to be about.

I thought of the post going round facebook about being in a nightclub with friends, thinking it was rubbish and someone suggested getting out and finding somewhere else. No-one could suggest where else to go that would guarantee being better. They wandered around aimlessly without a plan. Couldn’t describe the Remain and Leave campaigns any better.

The reason I am scared is that we have so much to lose. Many people cannot, or will not, remember the good old days without rose tinted glasses.

Do you remember before the maximum working hours came in?

Do you remember before 14 weeks maternity leave came in? or before paternal leave was ever heard of?

Do you remember when it was okay for someone to discriminate against you for any reason or none and they were never challenged?

There are many social, personal and working life areas that we take for granted today that did not exist when I was a teenager. If we are to leave the EU you can guarantee that the Old Etonians and their ilk will repeal, one by one, all the human rights that we have struggled so hard to achieve, in order to recover our economy and make Britain Great again.

Nothing will make Britain Great again. The days of the Empire are long gone. Each of the Countries of the Empire who are now Independent do not want to come back under British rule. We live in enlightened times. It is time the constituent parts of what is left of Great Britain revert to being the once proud Nations they were before being part of the union. Small countries working together for the greater good of their peoples.

Yes, I know the EU isn’t perfect but you cannot change things for the better by throwing your toys out of the pram and walking away. Get representation at the table that knows what it is talking about and willing to put up a fight for their people.

For too long now the EU has been seen as something that we need not take seriously. Jobs for the boys who do as they are told. Something to put the blame on when the public objects to the way Westminster has decided to implement the recommendations made to make life fairer or better for us.

I hold out no hope of any sensible, informative debate being broadcast this side of the election. Please don’t become a part of the Tory battle. Think of the future of your children and grandchildren.


  1. I was talking with some others of my age group (over three score and ten) one lass said “We had the best of it”, talking about the state of the country. I don’t believe that to be true, we like our fathers and their fathers before them fought hard for all these “privileges” we all now take for granted. Think of the Suffragette, the women in the Ford factory that went on strike for equal rights. Nothing much will change whether we vote in or out, in the end we (at the ballot box) will move the country forward. Live is much the same for man and chimpanzee, a one way ticket and no guarantee.

  2. Are you seriously trying to tell us that if not for the EU we would not have come to this pass? Was it not us that forwarded women’s rights and a whole host of other human rights ? The EU just rounded the work we had instigated off. Hardly a need to bow down before them I think !

    1. Hardly asking you to bow down before them. Asking you to consider is it not better to be inside a bigger market and participating, where your point of view is given equal weight in debating. This is the problem with Westminster, we are ignored and as the Scottish representatives, whatever their political leanings, can never out vote the English we will always be ignored.
      In the EU the MEPs of the UK do not work together to ensure we get get maximum punching weight for each country within the Uk. The whole thing needs looked and and rethought but pulling out and being British will not help us.
      Yes I do think that successive UK Parliaments would have ignored certain human rights issues if not guided by the EU, particularly Conservative governments.

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