A Funny Old Election

If you are reading this on the day it goes out, you will either have voted or are about to go. If not, get your shoes on and get yourself to the polling station.

It’s been a weird experience this election. Most of the political commentators say this too. Possibly one of the most striking reasons is that women have been to the fore, and youngish women at that. It gladdens the heart to see so many younger people taking on the powers that be and agreeing with Nicola and her team that things can be done differently in this new (ish) century.

I heard a man interviewed on the street of Glasgow for the lunchtime radio Scotland programme. Said he would be voting Labour. Voted S.N.P. last time but Nicola hasn’t delivered. I asked myself what planet he was on, but he seemed totally blinded by Kezia and would obviously not be persuaded otherwise.

So, has Nicola delivered? and what has she delivered?

Granted some of the things the S.N.P. wanted to deliver have been put on hold or have been delivered in a less robust status. This has been because of the opposition parties placing difficulties in way. Often out of sheer politics and not because they genuinely believe they are doing the best for the people of Scotland. I believe that if the S.N.P. can be returned, with a bigger majority, we will see many more benefits for the people of Scotland delivered in the next term than we have seen delivered so far.

I do believe that Nicola’s biggest delivery has been to restore the self confidence of the people of Scotland. I have seen so many people realise that it is okay to be passionate about not only who you are, but who you could be. A young girl in my branch has become so enthused in the past few weeks. She is inexperienced and is lapping it all up. What’s more, she believes she can do some good in the local community and in politics in general. It was the influence of Nicola Sturgeon that brought this about. The wee girl who went to the local comprehensive, from an ordinary background. She fell in with some people who were passionate about their Country and their cause. She still has this passion and it is very obvious in every photo taken of her when campaigning. She doesn’t hold her nose and put on a false face for the camera. She loves sharing her passion with everyone she meets. It is infectious and all sorts of people are catching the bug.

This election started with all the other parties admitting defeat and aiming for second place as best. This does not bode well for Scotland’s future. We need leadership that has confidence, ability and is willing to work with ALL the people of Scotland. We do not need second rate people holding us back.

So, if you haven’t voted. Get to your polling station and vote 1 for your local S.N.P. candidate and 2 for Nicola for first minister. This is the only combination that is going to see us move Scotland forward to the kind of Country we all want to live in. You have till 10 pm.